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'Minute to Win It' Bucket Head Game



There's no way around it - Bucket Head is tricky. If you plan to ever be on the show, here's a Minute to Win It game that you'll need to practice.

The Goal

Standing five feet away from a wall, bounce five ping pong balls off the floor, against the wall, and then back to you, catching it in a bucket that sits on top of your head.

Equipment Needed

  • Ping pong balls
  • A bucket with a strap that can be secured to your head

How to Play

  • Mark a line that's exactly five feet from the wall. Secure the bucket to your head, and place the ping pong balls on a table at the line. Stand at the line.
  • When the timer starts, take one ball at a time and attempt to bounce it off the floor, hitting the wall and then rebounding back to you.
  • Catch the ball in the bucket on your head.
  • Repeat this process five times within one minute.

The Rules

  • You may not kneel or sit in order to catch the ball.
  • Incidental contact with the floor by any body part other than your feet will be waived off.
  • Only one ball may be in play at a time.
  • All five balls must remain in the basket. If one falls out, it is not counted.
  • The ball must travel directly from the wall to the basket, without any further bounces.
  • You may secure the bucket with your hands, but not while attempting to catch a ball. If a ball is caught while you are touching the bucket or strap, it will be discounted.
  • You may clear any balls that are in the way of your shot before bouncing a ball.
  • When the 60-second timer runs out, any ball that is currently in play may be counted.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure the bucket is secure on your head so you won't have to waste time adjusting it.
  • Practice throwing the ball at different angles to find the best one to achieve the correct height for catching.

The blueprint with video instructions for this game can be found at NBC.com.

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