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Democratic Loyalty Quiz

Boom! FOX Has a Hit on Their Hands

Boom! is a new game show hosted by Tom Papa. Contestants cut wires to answer trivia questions, and if they get one wrong a bomb goes off.

To Tell the Truth

A brief history of To Tell the Truth, which is being revived in 2015 with Anthony Anderson as host.

Big Brother 17 Twists

The three major twists introduced for Big Brother season 17, including the Battle of the Block, the Twin Twist, and the BB Takeover.

The Big Brother 17 House Tour

Photos of the Big Brother 17 house before the houseguests move in.

Tom Papa, Host of Boom!

Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer, and TV host. He is currently hosting the game show Boom! on FOX.

Celebrity Family Feud Cast - The First 12 Families

Steve Harvey, host of Family Feud, takes over as host on Celebrity Family Feud. The show airs during the summer, 2015.

What Is the Big Brother Twin Twist?

The Big Brother Twin Twist first happened in season 5 with Adria and Natalie, and is back for Big Brother 17. Here's how it works.

Big Brother 17 - Meet the Houseguests

Meet the houseguests who will be moving into the Big Brother house for BB17.

What is Big Brother After Dark?

An overview of Big Brother After Dark - what it is, what you can expect from it, and where to watch it.

5 More Game Shows That Could Use a Reboot

If Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader can make a comeback, then these five canceled game shows deserve another shot as well.

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