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Minute to Win It Bottoms Up Game



Bottoms Up can be played with 4-8 cans, depending on the difficulty level. Early in the show you'll see four cans in play, but if it appears at a higher payout level, there will be six or eight cans used. There are no fancy supplies needed to play, though you will have to hook up a yo-yo to a belt in order to play.

The Goal

Knock 4-8 empty soda cans off their pedestals by swinging a yo-yo that's attached to a belt and hanging down your backside.

Equipment Needed

  • Belt
  • A yo-yo
  • 4-8 empty soda cans
  • Small boxes or tubes to use as pedestals

How to Play

This game is fairly easy to set up and execute. Simply tie the yo-yo to a belt that you're wearing around your waist, allowing the yo-yo to hang down your backside. Place the cans on the pedestals. Start the timer, and try to knock the cans down with the yo-yo, using only the motion of your body. Knock down all of the cans in less than a minute, and you've won.

The Rules

  • You may not touch the yo-yo, the cans, or the pedestals with any body part.
  • You cannot touch the string or belt on which the yo-yo is hanging.
  • If you do touch something, even accidentally, the game is a fail.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try to get some momentum going with the yo-yo before taking a swing at the can.
  • You can attempt to knock over two cans at once, or even send one can flying towards another to knock over more than one can with a single swing.

The blueprint with video instructions for this game can be found at NBC.com.

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