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The New 'Jeopardy!' Set at the CES in Las Vegas


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I'll Take "Sony Technology and Lots of Blue for $1,000 Alex"
The New Jeopardy! Set at the CES

The New 'Jeopardy!' Set at the CES

Courtesy Robert Silva, Licensed to About.com

The annual Consumer Electronics Show had a great new addition for 2009: the unveiling of the brand new set for Jeopardy!. During the course of the show, eleven episodes were taped live. These episodes included Celebrity Jeopardy, featuring Tom Bergeron, Elisabeth Perkins, and Aisha Tyler, as well as the 10-show run of the Tournament of Champions.

About.com's guide to Home Theater, Robert Silva, was at the show, and took these wonderful photos of the new set. With a game board made up of 36 HD-LCD monitors, OLED technology, and lots of other Sony equipment, the show has become a leader in game show innovation.

There's been some discussion over the aesthetics of the new design, with fans divided on the multi-colored triangles and the new blue podiums. It'll be interesting to see what the big monitor between the hosting podium and the contestants' area will be used for too.

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