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A Closer Look at Game Shows New and Old


Game shows continue to gain in popularity, and it's easy to see why. They're fun and light-hearted entertainment, and they encourage viewers to play along with the games from the comfort of their living rooms. Learn more about hot new shows, find out what's coming up, and relive the classics!
  1. What's Hot
  2. Current Classics
  3. New and Upcoming Game Shows
  4. Game Show Product Reviews
  5. What to Watch

What's Hot

Howie Mandel and the case models on 'Deal or No Deal'

Game shows can be comforting, infuriating, exciting, and inspiring. From feel-good family favorites like Wheel of Fortune to water cooler fodder and new prime time games, these are the shows that are making headlines and scooping up ratings.

Current Classics

These game shows have been around long enough to be considered "classics," but they're still on the air and enjoying a loyal following.

New and Upcoming Game Shows

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire logo

From confirmed and scheduled premieres to game shows in the early stages of development, these are shows we can look forward to in the coming weeks and months.

Game Show Product Reviews

The Price is Right game for the Nintendo Wii

From board games to console and hand-held games, DVDs, books, and other fun products, the game show genre lends itself well to other media. As with any product, however, some are better than others.

What to Watch

These handy game show schedules will help you plan your weekly viewing. Mark your calendars or set up the TiVo!

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