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Be a Contestant on the Syndicated 'Deal or No Deal'

Here's How You Can Get on the New Half-Hour Daytime 'Deal'


Howie Mandel and the Models of daytime Deal or No Deal

Howie Mandel and the Models of daytime 'Deal or No Deal'

Courtesy NBC

Important Note: Deal or No Deal has been cancelled. The prime time show went off the air in 2009, and the daytime syndicated version is no longer producing new episodes after the end of season two. The information regarding casting provided below is for informational purposes only, and should not be taken as current.

The Online Deal or No Deal Application Form

The form itself is quite simple, but take your time answering the questions. Even though the daytime show doesn't really delve into the lives and experiences of the contestants, they're still looking for enthusiastic folks to play the game. Also, theme weeks have already become a big part of the show, so make sure you mention all of your interests, hobbies, and groups you belong to.

When you check off the little box at the bottom of the form that says that you agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy, make sure you read these documents closely (links are provided on the form).


To be considered for the show, you must:
  • be a legal resident of the United States
  • be at least 18 years of age or older
  • not be a candidate for public office, and must agree not to become one for one year after your episode(s) air
  • not be employed by (or have been employed by in the past two years) any company affiliated with the program, such as NBC or Endemol
  • be in the Southern California area, or planning to be there for interviews and taping

After the Application

Submitting an online application does not guarantee you a spot on the game show. If the casting people like what they see in your application, they will follow up by contacting you for audition and/or interview. Make it through the audition or interview, and it's on to the "Player Pool."

All finalists who are chosen to be on the show are selected from the Player Pool.

Please Note: This application process applies only to the syndicated half-hour version of Deal or No Deal. If you're interested in being on the prime time show on NBC, see How to Be a Contestant on Deal or No Deal.

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