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Be a Contestant on 'My Dad is Better Than Your Dad'


Be a Contestant on 'My Dad is Better Than Your Dad'

'My Dad is Better Than Your Dad' logo

courtesy NBC

Note: My Dad is Better Than Your Dad is no longer airing, and therefore not accepting contestant applications. The information contained in this article is for reference purposes only, and will be updated in the event the show returns.

My Dad is Better Than Your Dad is the brainchild of Mark Burnett, the man behind Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? and a slew of great reality TV shows. The show pits father/child teams against one another in a variety of challenges to win money.

The Application

The application can be downloaded from NBC's casting page. The form requires Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free. The form is in two parts, with one section to be filled in by "Dad" and the other by the child. The application itself is about 36 pages long, so be prepared to spend some time reading all of the information and answering all of the questions.


There are always eligibility requirements for game shows, and this one is no exception. Here is a brief overview of the requirements – for a full and detailed list, see the actual application form.

  • Each "Dad" applying for the show must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the United States of America. Each "child" must be between the ages of 8 and 13.

  • You must not be a candidate for public office, and must agree not to become a candidate until at least one year after the show on which you appear airs on television.

  • You, your immediate family, or anyone living in your household must not have worked for CBS or any other company involved with the program during the last two years.

  • If you are offered the chance to become a contestant, you must agree to undergo physical examinations conducted by medical professionals selected by the producer. You must also be willing to provide all personal medical information to the production staff.

The Application Package

Here's what needs to be included in the complete application package for My Dad is Better Than Your Dad. All forms are included with the main application form.

  • Completed and signed application forms for both Dad and child.
  • Completed and signed Certificate of Veracity for both Dad and child.
  • Parental consent form for child, signed by both parents.
  • One clear, recent photograph of Dad and child together, labeled with name and phone number on the back.
  • A recent, updated resume for Dad.
  • A five-minute video tape, clearly labeled with both names, address, and phone number.

The Video

My Dad is Better Than Your Dad requires potential contestants to send in a video tape, up to five minutes in length. The video can be in VHS, DVD, or MiniDV format. The video has to include both dad and child, and should start off with your names, hometown, and dad's occupation/child's grade in school.

Producers are looking for interesting people with cool jobs, fun hobbies, and anything else that makes them stand out from others. Have fun with the video and show them exactly why Dad is better than anyone else's.

Note: The video must not include any music or singing. Your family must be the legal owner of the home or any property shown on the video, and you must not infringe on any copyrights.

Where to Send It

Once you've got your application package together, send it to:

Better Productions, Inc.
My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad Casting
4146 Lankershim Blvd.
Suite 300
North Hollywood, CA 91602

There is a limit of one application package per contestant/team.

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