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Game Show Casting Calls

A Quick Reference Guide to Contestant Searches


price is right audience

Want to be a game show contestant?

courtesy CBS

Many game shows are established and have ongoing casting, while others are set to only air for a limited run and have seemingly fleeting casting calls. This list will be updated regularly with all of the open casting calls, ongoing contestant searches, and special events I can find. For even more calls, I've got a handy list of places to find casting calls as well.

Current Casting Calls

These casting calls are put out for a limited time only, so don't miss your chance!

  • Hollywood Game Night - Want to be one of the "civilian" players on season two of Hollywood Game Night? You must be "energetic" and "fun," and only applicants over the age of 21 will be considered. Check out the casting call for more information.
  • Big Brother -- Think you've got what it takes to live in a house full of crazy people for the summer and win some cash? Big Brother has been renewed for a 16th season and casting is already open. Visit bigbrothercasting.tv for everything you'll need to apply, and be sure to read everything through and stick to the instructions!
  • Let's Ask America -- Let's Ask America, the trivia game that you can play live from the comfort of your own home, is casting. If you're a trivia buff with the ability to Skype, head over to LetsAskAmerica.tv and be ready to upload a photo and video.
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire -- You can now get tickets to be in the audience for a taping of Millionaire, and with every audience ticket comes the chance to audition to be on the show. Visit the official Millionaire website to request your tickets.
  • Wheel of Fortune -- Wheel of Fortune has added online applications to its methods of becoming a contestant, and that's good news for anyone who's always wanted to be on the show! All you need to do is go to Face the Fan and follow the instructions to submit your video or online application. They've got some handy video creation tips there too, so don't forget to read and adhere to them!


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