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Best Game for Facebook or Mobile - 2013 Readers' Choice Awards

Facebook and mobile games can be quite addictive, and many of us have played those based on popular game shows. For this award we're going to be a little less strict and include any game that is based on an actual game show, American or International, as well as any game that plays out like a game show.

When making your nominations in this category, please be sure to use the actual name of the game as it is published, the platform (Facebook, Android, iOS, etc.), and if possible, the URL where it can be found or downloaded. This will make it easier to tabulate the nominations.

Nominations will be accepted through February 11th 2013, and the five qualifying games with the most nominations will become finalists. Finalists will be revealed on February 19th, and voting for the winner will open at that time.

You can nominate up to three different Facebook games using this form, though only one is required.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Awards FAQ

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