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The 'Wipeout' Big Balls


Wipeout's Big Balls

The Big Balls, one of the obstacles in the qualifying round of 'Wipeout!'

Courtesy ABC

Wipeout Big Balls are by far the most recognizable, and entertaining, part of the Wipeout obstacle course. They appear during the qualifying round on the show, and have been present in every episode.

There are four Big Balls on the course, made of red galvanized rubber. Each ball is six feet tall, and contestants must leap from a platform onto the first, before attempting to bounce across each one to get to the platform on the other side. Few contestants are able to do this successfully, though we've heard that a member of the crew did it - with a cup of coffee in his hand!

In addition to the challenge of getting across the Big Balls, contestants must also face what's called The Motivator. This is a 1,300 pound block that swings over the platform, pushing the contestant onto the first Big Ball if said contestant hesitates before making the jump on his own.

For season 2 of Wipeout, extra padding was added to the bottom of the Big Balls to avoid contestant injury. The Big Balls themselves are replaced every eight episodes or so, at a cost of over $3,200.

Also Known As: Big Red Balls
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