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Oh Sit!


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Oh Sit!
Oh Sit episodic photo

Oh Sit Course

Courtesy the CW

Oh Sit! premiered on the CW network on Wednesday August 15, 2012. The show claims to be a lively take on musical chairs, but the game itself seems to veer between trying to take itself seriously and becoming a parody of Wipeout.

How the Game is Played

Dubbed "extreme musical chairs," Oh Sit starts off with 12 contestants who are all competing on an obstacle course at the same time. While they are going around the course a live band plays covers of popular songs. When the music stops, contestants must complete the obstacle they are currently on and rush to fill one of the available chairs that sit in the middle of the course on "Chair Island." Whoever doesn't make it into a chair is eliminated, and the cycle repeats again.

Completing a round on the course earns contestants a set amount of cash. More cash can be found underneath the claimed chairs. In addition to the elimination of the chairless contestants, those who earn the least amount of money after each round, including the amount found under the chairs, are also booted from the game.

The game itself is fairly fast-paced and easy to follow along with, but once the contestants make it to their chairs things come to a grinding halt. The reveal of the dollar amounts each one has claimed is slow and agonizing, creating a stark and jarring contrast to the action occuring only moments ago. Where Wipeout uses the time between courses for silly yet entertaining banter, Oh Sit gives us inflated drama that really seems out of place.

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