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What to Watch

Need some help deciding what to watch? Get the rundown on popular game shows, special guests, celebrity hosts, theme nights, play at home games, and more.

Fall 2011 Game Show Premiere Dates
Seasonal premiere dates for game shows new and old.

The New 'Let's Make a Deal' Explained
'Let's Make a Deal' once again becomes a daytime game show, with the CBS revival hosted by Wayne Brady.

'Crash Course' - More Potential Than Substance
Crash Course, the obstacle course game show that is completed by car, has a lot of potential. Does it live up to how funny it could be?

GSN Big Saturday Night - Great New Games, The Rest Needs Work
GSN's Big Saturday Night combines two new game shows with skits, live games for the audience, and special guests. The new game shows are terrific, but what about the rest?

The Money List - GSN's Best Game Show in Years
Fred Roggin hosts 'The Money List', a GSN original game show based on the U.K. version called 'Who Dares Wins'.

Game Show Awards Preview
Alex Purnell reports from the GSN Game Show Awards, where she was in attendance for the live taping.

'The Newlywed Game' on GSN
What to expect from GSN's updated version of 'The Newlywed Game'. Move over Bob Eubanks, Carnie Wilson is in town and ready to take on the newlyweds!

GSN's 'Think Like a Cat Game Show' Should be Put Down
The 'Meow Mix Think Like a Cat Game Show' pits teams of cats and their owners against one another for the chance to win a million dollars. Should you bother tuning in?

Jeopardy! Celebrates its 25th Anniversary
'Jeopardy!' is celebrating 25 years as America's favorite quiz show with special tournaments, segments, and celebrities.

Fall 2008 Game Show Hits and Misses
A list of the best and worst game shows for the fall 2008 TV season.

The 'Jeopardy!' Tournament of Champions
The 'Jeopardy!' Tournament of Champions explained, including a list of winners since the tournament began in 1964.

'I Survived a Japanese Game Show' is Fresh and New
'I Survived a Japanese Game Show' is a fresh concept in both reality TV and game show programming. The games are silly and fun, while the personalities really shine.

'Celebrity Family Feud' is Solid Entertainment
'Celebrity Family Feud' is the newest incarnation of the old classic game show.

'Wipeout!' Fills a Much-Needed Hole in Programming
A review of the game show 'Wipeout!,' which pits contestants against each other in an insane obstacle course.

Al Roker Previews 'Celebrity Family Feud'
Host Al Roker and executive producers Toby Gorman and Gaby Johnston preview 'Celebrity Family Feud.'

A Closer Look at 'The Moment of Truth'
An in-depth preview of 'The Moment of Truth,' the game show that hooks contestants up to a lie detector and then asks them increasingly personal questions in order to win money. Find out what the Executive Producer and the Host have to say about the show!

The Complete 'Celebrity Family Feud' Lineup
The complete lineup of celebrities and their families playing 'Celebrity Family Feud,' including the match-ups and the charities each team is playing for.

Regis Philbin and Vincent Rubino Preview 'Million Dollar Password'
Host Regis Philbin and Executive Producer Vincent Rubino preview 'Million Dollar Password,' the revival of the popular 'Password' game show.

Game Show Network Schedule
A complete listing of the Game Show Network schedule, including daytime, evening, and weekend show listings. Find out what's on GSN!

'The Price is Right' Million Dollar Spectacular Review
A review of the latest 'Price is Right' Million Dollar Spectacular, a six-episode prime time series.

'Amnesia' Review
A review of 'Amnesia', the game show hosted by Dennis Miller, that asks contestants to recall details of their own lives to win money.

'My Dad is Better Than Your Dad' Review
'My Dad is Better Than Your Dad' is the perfect game show for families to watch together. Find out why this show works and why you should make time to watch!

'My Dad is Better Than Your Dad' – Sneak Peak
Host Dan Cortese and Executive Producer Jon Hotchkiss preview 'My Dad is Better Than Your Dad', the new family game show on NBC.

'Power of 10' – What Went Wrong?
'Power of 10' has a solid format and a terrific host, so why was the show canceled halfway through its second season? We explore the reasons for the cancellation, and ways the show can improve.

Review of 'The Moment of Truth'
A review of 'The Moment of Truth.' It's new and it's riveting - find out why!

'The Moment of Truth'
A review of 'The Moment of Truth', the controversial game show that makes contestants tell the truth while hooked up to a lie detector. Should you make time to watch this game show?

A Closer Look at 'The Moment of Truth'
An in-depth look at 'The Moment of Truth.' Find out more about this controversial new game show.

Drew Carey on 'The Price is Right' – How's He Doing?
A look at how Drew Carey is doing as the new host of 'The Price is Right.' Is he filling the big shoes left empty by Bob Barker?

Why 'Jeopardy!' and 'Wheel of Fortune' Still Reign Supreme
Reasons why game shows 'Wheel of Fortune' and 'Jeopardy!' continue to dominate in syndication ratings, and why their fans are so loyal.

This Week's Game Show Schedule
Need a game show fix? Plan your weekly game show viewing with this handy week at a glance schedule.

'The Singing Bee' or 'Don't Forget the Lyrics?'
A comparison of the two musical game shows, 'The Singing Bee' and 'Don't Forget the Lyrics.' Which one should you watch?

'Jeopardy!' Kids Week
Kids Week on 'Jeopardy!' is a favorite theme week for fans and trivia buffs. Learn more about how it works, what to expect, and all the fun and entertaining elements of this special week.

Where to Watch Game Shows Free Online
Where to watch classic and current game shows for free online.

'Lingo' Returns to GSN with Host Bill Engvall
'Lingo' returns to GSN with its newest incarnation, hosted by Bill Engvall. In a nutshell, the show needs work.

The American Bible Challenge
The American Bible Challenge airs on GSN, hosted by Jeff Foxworthy.

Oh Sit!
Oh Sit combines musical chairs with an obstacle course. Hosted by Jamie Kennedy and Jessi Cruickshank with Tamika Ray.

Howie Mandel Previews 'Take It All'
Take it All is based on the White Elephant party game. In this preview, host Howie Mandel dishes on what we can expect from this special event game show.

GSN's Best Original Games
We pick our favorite GSN original game shows.

Food Network Announces New Programming for 2014
The Food Network serves up some new game show style programming for 2014.

GSN's It Takes a Church
It Takes a Church is a dating show on GSN. It's probably not their best effort, however.

Fall 2014 Game Show Preview and Premiere Dates
A list of premiere dates for new and returning game shows for Fall 2014.

Skin Wars on GSN
Watch body painters compete to win cash and prizes on GSN's Skin Wars.

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