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'The Price is Right'

Learn More About Daytime's Longest Running Game Show


From its origins in 1956 to today's pricing games, The Price is Right is one of the best known game shows on the planet. Fans of the show come from all ages and backgrounds, which is evident in each episode as a wide variety of contestants "Come on down" to play. Whether you're interested in learning more about the hosts or want to be a contestant yourself, this collection of Price is Right articles and resources covers the show from all angles.

Get Audience Tickets

Drew Carey and the audience on The Price is Right
Courtesy CBS

Lineups for tickets to a live taping of The Price is Right are always long, but it can definitely be worth your while to queue up for seats. Contestants are chosen from each episode's audience members, so if you want your chance to "come on down," this is the place to start.

Be a Contestant on 'The Price is Right'

Drew Carey and a contestant on The Price is Right
Courtesy CBS

Once you've got your audience tickets, it's time to face the casting staff and try to earn the chance to bid on items up for bid! Learn more about the screening process and how good your chances really are of getting on the show.

Drew Carey

Drew Carey
Courtesy CBS

The Price is Right's current host is comedian Drew Carey. Fans have very strong and very mixed opinions on his performance on the show, but most seem to agree that he's improving as time goes by. Carey was also the host of the short-lived game show The Power of 10.

Bob Barker

Bob Barker
Courtesy CBS

Bob Barker is the most recognizable face of The Price is Right, having hosted the show for 35 years. He's a game show legend, both for his hosting duties and for the scandals that plagued him during his tenure on the show. Barker retired in 2007, and spends his time continuing his fight for animal rights, as well as promoting his biographical book, Priceless Memories.

'The Price is Right' in Pictures

Drew Carey and Kathy Kinney
Courtesy CBS

As you can well imagine, The Price is Right has changed and evolved over the many years its been on the air. With the addition of Drew Carey as host, the show has started to include many new theme episodes and guest stars, which all add to the fun and excitement of the games. Here are some of the great themed episodes along with celebrity guests.

Million Dollar Spectacular

Drew Carey hosts The Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular
Courtesy CBS

The Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular was a prime time event that featured bigger prizes, viewer favorite pricing games, and a handful of million dollar winners. The series went over well with viewers, doing very well in the ratings. Each episode gave contestants two chances to win a million: one during a random pricing game, and the second if a Showcase bid was within $1000 of the actual retail price.

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