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'The Price is Right' Guests and Celebrity Appearances

Familiar Faces Come On Down


Since Drew Carey took over The Price is Right, there have been a lot more special episodes and themed editions. Many of these have included special guests, celebrities, and even some celebs acting in character from their respective television shows. The tradition of featuring soap stars from CBS soap operas in the Showcase segments has continued as well.

Here are some of the memorable guest appearances from the Drew Carey era of The Price is Right.

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Wayne Brady visits Drew Carey on The Price is RightWayne Brady Makes an Appearance on 'The Price is Right'Ed Begley Jr. on The Price is Right for Earth DayEd Begley Jr. Appears on 'The Price is Right'Kathy Kinney appears as Mimi Bobeck on The Price is RightDrew Carey Welcomes Kathy Kinney to 'The Price is Right' Reba McIntyre on The Price is Right with Drew Carey.Reba McIntyre Helps Celebrate Country Music on 'The Price is Right'
Current and former LA Dodgers players on The Price is Right with Drew Carey.LA Dodgers Appear on 'The Price is Right'Jack Wagner appears on The Price is RightJack Wagner Appears on 'The Price is Right' - RepeatedlyBob Barker returns to The Price is RightBob Barker Visits 'The Price is Right'Kevin and Jana Fisher of The Young and the Restless appear on The Price is RightStars of 'The Young and the Restless' on 'The Price is Right'
Wayne Newton guest stars on The Price is Right with Drew CareyMr. Las Vegas Wayne Newton on 'The Price is Right'
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