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Beat the Chefs


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How Beat the Chefs Works
Matt Rogers

Beat the Chefs host Matt Rogers

Courtesy GSN

GSN's original game show Beat the Chefs premiered on August 23rd 2012. The show invites home cooks into the studio to face off against a trio of professional chefs. The home cooks, who are usually a family, decide on the dish (or dishes) that will be prepared. These dishes are signature foods that the families have enjoyed for years, often based on recipes that have been handed down through generations.

Working in the home chefs' favor is the fact that the professionals don't know what is being made until it is announced on the show. Then, the pros get together and come up with their own take on the menu items. Their versions are almost always a lot more modern with plenty of twists in ingredients, preparation, and presentation.

The dishes are judged by a panel, and if the home cooks win they earn cash and, of course, bragging rights.

Two teams of home chefs compete on each episode, with the final revealing of the winners for both competitions happening at the end of the show. The first team must sit in the audience and wait for the second team to finish before finding out if they won or not. There are plenty of segments throughout the program highlighting the home teams and where they come from.

The show is hosted by Matt Rogers (pictured), who was a finalist in season three of American Idol. While he still sings, he's also branched out into hosting and working as a correspondent for shows like Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight.

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