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Take Me Out on FOX


George Lopez

George Lopez hosts Take Me Out

Courtesy FOX Broadcasting

Take Me Out brings single men onto the stage to face thirty single women. The women chose whether or not they want to date the men through a series of revealing rounds. In the end, the men either get a date or get sent home empty-handed.

Take Me Out at a Glance

Host:: George Lopez
Executive Producers: Jeff Apploff, Jack Martin, and Kevin Williams
Network: FOX
Top Prize: A date
Series Premiere: June 7, 2012

Meet the Flirty Thirty

Take Me Out kicks off with the introduction of the host, comedian George Lopez. He enters the stage on the Love Lift, the elevator-like contraption that also delivers the single men. Lopez then introduces the women, who are collectively known as the Flirty Thirty.

These entrances set the atmosphere for the entire show. There's current, upbeat dance music, lots of lights, plenty of smiles, and beautiful ladies. The Firty Thirty dance as they take their podiums, which are lined up on either side of the Love Lift.

How Take Me Out Works

Take Me Out is actually based on a British format, and the U.S. version stays pretty true to the original. After the ladies are assembled, the first single man is brought in. He enters on the Love Lift to a song that he picked out himself. Lopez summons him by saying, "Single man, reveal yourself!"

The man then walks out, greets the ladies, and introduces himself by saying his name and where he's from. Now it's time for the ladies to decide whether to stay in it or back out. If they're not interested, they turn off the light on their podiums by hitting a button. Leaving the light on indicated interest.

During the next phase of the game, a video is shown outlining what the man does for a living as well as some of his hobbies. The man narrates the video and addresses the women with cheesy lines relating to its subject matter. Then it's back over to the girls to decide whether or not to leave their lights on.

The third and final round differs from man to man. Many of them have another video which reveals another hobby or interest. Some of them choose to make it into a talent portion, singing or dancing for the ladies. Once again, the women can keep their lights on or turn them off any time throughout this phase.

Date or No Date

If, at the end of the third round, there women with lights still on, a date is guaranteed. If only one woman remains in the game she is obviously the one that the single man will go out with. If there are two or more, however, the guy gets to take control of the selection process.

First, the man must approach the remaining women and turn out lights until there are only two left (though if there are two remaining to begin with, this step is skipped). Then the man gets to ask a question that both of the ladies must answer. After hearing the replies, the man turns out one light, and the other woman is the one who gets the date.

Once the pair is matched they leave the stage together to the sounds of the song Two Tickets to Paradise. The rest of the Flirty Thirty dance and make sycopated hand motions to the song. The couple is now headed out for a date at the "Take Me Out Resort." Clips of these dates are shown in future episodes.

After one of the ladies leaves for a date, she is replaced with a new woman to complete the Flirty Thirty. These women stay on the show until a match is made, returning for each subsequent episode.

If no match is made the man leaves alone, accompanied by the song All By Myself. The women all wave him goodbye as he exits.

Catch Phrases

The show is known for several catch phrases, including:

  • If he's not Mr. Right, turn out the light
  • If you're not turned on, turn off
  • Single man, reveal yourself

Lopez also has loads of ways to set up the introduction of the single man, such as "Cauli, meet your flowers" and "It's time for the tater to meet the tots."

Should You Watch Take Me Out

Take Me Out is not intended to be taken seriously. It's fun, silly, and somewhat cheesy, and no one really seems to be there to find a serious relationship. Still, it can be an entertaining dating game show if you enjoy light entertainment.

George Lopez is an excellent host and this show is the perfect vehicle for him to shine. His talks with the women as well as his steady stream of quips don't interfere with the game at all - in fact, they enhance it. The show is fast-paced and doesn't offer up never-ending clips of what's happened before commercial breaks, so you can settle in and watch the entire hour without gripping the remote, finger hovered over the fast-forward button.

Overall, Take Me Out is fun and frivolous, perfect for summer viewing.

Where to Watch

You can catch Take Me Out on the FOX network or if you're in Canada, the show airs in CTV. Check you local listing for times. If you miss an episode you can watch it on the FOX website, or in Canada at CTV.ca.

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