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Show Profiles

Want to learn more about a particular game show? A roundup of each popular game show, describing how the show works, potential prize money, who's hosting, and the people behind the scenes.
  1. Past Game Shows (5)

Hollywood Game Night
Hollywood Game Night, hosted by Jane Lynch, is fun and quirky.

'Million Dollar Money Drop'
An overview of 'Million Dollar Money Drop' including the rules of the game and how it's played.

'Rock and a Hard Place' Explained
'Rock and a Hard Place,' hosted by Meat Loaf, is a rollicking good time. Learn more about the game that pits popular musicians against each other in a battle of rock supremacy.

'Trivial Pursuit: America Plays' Explained
'Trivial Pursuit: America Plays' is a half-hour syndicated game show based on the popular board game.

'Hole in the Wall' Explained
An overview of the game show 'Hole in the Wall.' How the game works and what to expect in each round of play.

Syndicated 'Deal or No Deal' Explained
'Deal or No Deal' in syndication is the basic game show that we love, but with some new twists to keep it fresh and interesting.

'Catch 21' Explained
Find out how 'Catch 21' works, and what you can expect from this GSN original game show.

'1 vs. 100' Explained
An overview of the game show '1 vs. 100,' hosted by Bob Saget. Find out how the show works, what the mob is, and how contestants can win up to a million dollars playing '1 vs. 100.'

'American Gladiators' Explained
An overview of 'American Gladiators.' Learn how the tournament is run, what types of challenges are held, a brief history of the show, and what you can expect from 'American Gladiators.'

'Amne$ia' comes from Mark Burnett, the man behind 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' and 'Survivor.' Contestants are challenged to answer trivia-style questions based on their own lives.

'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' Explained
Learn all about the game show 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' hosted by Jeff Foxworthy. An overview of the hit show, including a description of the game.

'Cash Cab' Explained
'Cash Cab' is hosted by Ben Bailey and airs on the Discovery Channel. Learn more about how the game works, the Red Light Challenge, Shout Outs, the Video Bonus Challenge, and more.

'Deal or No Deal' Explained
'Deal or No Deal' is a modern game show with lots of flash and glamor. Host Howie Mandel provides comic relief while contestants use intuition and luck to eliminate cases and try to win a million dollars.

'Don't Forget the Lyrics' Explained
An overview of 'Don't Forget the Lyrics,' the musical game show hosted by Wayne Brady.

'Duel' Explained
How 'Duel' works, and what you can expect from this poker-style game show.

'I Survived a Japanese Game Show' Explained
A profile of 'I Survived a Japanese Game Show,' including descriptions of some of the outrageous games.

'Jeopardy!' Past and Present
A brief history and overview of 'Jeopardy!,' one of the longest running and most popular game shows in history.

'Million Dollar Password' Explained
'Million Dollar Password' follows in the footsteps of the classic game show 'Password,' complete with celebrities and lots of fun!

'Power of 10' Explained
'Power of 10' is a high-stakes prime time game show hosted by Drew Carey. Learn how the show works and what to expect from each fast-paced episode.

'The Moment of Truth' Explained
An overview of 'The Moment of Truth' and why it's so controversial.

'The Singing Bee' Explained
An overview of 'The Singing Bee,' the musical game show hosted by Joey Fatone. Learn how the show works, and all about Ray Chew and the Groove, and The Dancing Honey Bees.

'Wanna Bet?' Explained
An overview of 'Wanna Bet,' the game show featuring celebrity judges and hosted by Ant and Dec.

'Wheel of Fortune' Past and Present
A brief history of the game show 'Wheel of Fortune' and an overview of how the game is played.

'Wipeout!' Explained
An overview of ABC's game show 'Wipeout,' including a look at how the game works, who the hosts are, and some of the stunts and challenges contestants will be facing.

Family Feud - A Brief History of the Game
A brief history of Family Feud, which began in 1976. Several incarnations have succeeded the original, and the show is still running strong today.

'Million Dollar Mind Game' Explained
Million Dollar Mind Game premiered on ABC on October 23rd, 2011. Hosted by Vernon Kay.

'Baggage' Explained
Baggage is the newest incarnation of a dating game show, full of secrets and surprises. Jerry Springer hosts.

What Is a Game Show?
A loose definition of what a game show actually is.

Repo Games on Spike
Repo Games offers debtors the chance to win their vehicles back after the repo man comes knocking.

Take Me Out on FOX
George Lopez hosts this fast-paced dating show on FOX

Beat the Chefs
Beat the Chefs, a GSN original game show, challenges home cooks to prepare their signature dishes better than a team of professional chefs.

The Pyramid on GSN
GSN has revived the classic game show Pyramid, with Mike Richards as host.

Bet on Your Baby on ABC
Bet on Your Baby is a prime time game show on ABC hosted by Melissa Peterman

'Wipeout Canada'
Learn more about 'Wipeout Canada' including game play, its hosts, and how to be a contestant.

Exit on Syfy
Exit puts contestants in odd situations in various "rooms" in order to win the $10,000 prize.

The Chase
The Chase is a great format, even when it becomes simplified for a North American audience on GSN.

Guy's Grocery Games
Guy Fieri hosts Guy's Grocery Games on the Food Network

Cutthroat Kitchen
If you only watch one culinary-based game show in your life, make it this one. Here's why.

Mind of a Man on GSN
This GSN original is funny and easy to play along with. Here's why you should tune in.

Pawnography on History Channel
Fans of History Channel's Pawn Stars will love this new game show starring the Harrisons and Chumlee.

Let's Ask America
You can be a contestant on Let's Ask America without leaving your house! Learn about the game and how to be a contestant.

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