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2012 Readers' Choice Awards Game Show Winners

Here are your favorites in the Game Show categories!


The 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards have come to a close and it's time to announce the winners! We ended up with a great number of voters and some really close races, but when all was said and done, one game show dominated the awards. Read on to get all the results, and congratulations to all the winners!

Please note that all polls have been audited for signs of fraudulent voting, and that results shown during voting may not reflect the accurate final counts used to determine winners. For more information see our FAQ.

Best Game Show - Jeopardy!

Courtesy Jeopardy! Productions Inc

The long-running and well-loved quizzer came out on top in the votes for Best Game Show, capping a year that brought us the IBM Challenge and a brand new Teachers' Tournament. Jeopardy! has always embraced technology and hasn't been afraid to try new things, keeping the show fresh and relevant for decades.

Best Game Show Host - Alex Trebek

Courtesy Jeopardy! Productions Inc.

Alex Trebek has had some interesting experiences recently, winning a Lifetime Achievement Emmy, chasing a crook, and now winning a Readers' Choice Award from About.com! From his dozens of cameo and voiceover appearances to his brand new Wheat Thins commercial, Trebek is a pop culture icon. His sense of humor, self-awareness, and decidedly professional intellectualism make him the perfect host for a show like Jeopardy!.

Best Announcer - Johnny Gilbert

Johnny Gilbert and Alex Trebek
Courtesy Getty Images Entertainment

And now to complete the trifecta, Jeopardy! announcer Johnny Gilbert takes the award for Best Game Show Announcer! Gilbert has had an illustrious career as an entertainer, and his voice has earned him a great deal of recognition. The role of the game show announcer seems to be becoming less of a focus in recent years, but we are thrilled to honor those who still bring their talents to this important position.

Best Classic Game Show - Press Your Luck

Courtesy GSN

This award was a new one this year, giving a tip of the hat to game shows that we all remember and love. The winner, Press Your Luck, is no surprise at all. With colorful (literally and figuratively) Whammies, simple game play, and even a scandal that rocked the game show world, this show had it all for the short time it was on the air.

Favorite Game Show Contestant - Ken Jennings

Ken Jennings
courtesy Jeopardy! Productions Inc

He didn't win the Jeopardy! IBM Challenge, but his quote during Final Jeopardy capped off the tournament perfectly: "I, for one welcome our new computer overlords." Ken Jennings has provided the perfect combination of trivia mastery and excellent game play, making him our favorite game show contestant for this year's awards.

Best Game Show Twitter Feed - @Jeopardy

Courtesy Jeopardy! Productions, Inc.

And the awards just keep on comin' for Jeopardy!. You can find the show's official Twitter feed at @Jeopardy to keep up with the show, online test news, as well as a daily Jeopardy! question and answer.

Best Game Show Facebook Game - Wheel of Fortune

courtesy Wheel of Fortune/GSN

If you've ever played the Wheel of Fortune game on Facebook, you already understand why this game has won the award for Best Facebook Game two years in a row. It's an effective and incredibly fun adaptation of the show complete with the sounds and atmosphere of a real Wheel episode.

Best Mobile Game - Jeopardy

courtesy Jeopardy! Productions, Inc.

Trivia games lend themselves well to mobile versions, and the Jeopardy! offering is the best one there is. You can find details and download information on the three different versions (mobile, iPad, and iPhone) at the official Jeopardy! website. Speaking of which...

Best Official Game Show Website - Jeopardy!

courtesy Jeopardy! Productions, Inc.

The Jeopardy! website is chock full of information about the show, casting details, tournament winners, upcoming episodes, and contestant news. Here you'll find everything you need to know about the show, as well as some fun interactive elements. The site is updated constantly, and also has one of the best error pages I've ever seen.

Best Game Show Fan Site - Game Show NewsNet

Game Show NewsNet

It's the second year in a row that the guys over at Game Show NewsNet have won for Best Game Show Fan Site! The site really is a one-stop shop for game show fans, with plenty of news updates, show recaps, and lots of opinion and entertainment. Bookmark the site and return often - there's always something new to enjoy.

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