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2012 Finalists for Best Game Show Twitter Feed

About.com Readers' Choice Awards


The annual About.com Readers' Choice Awards are underway and the finalists have been chosen in each category. Here are the five finalists for Best Game Show Twitter Feed, as nominated by readers, viewers, and fans. Each of these Twitter accounts offers something above and beyond, and has plenty of enthusiastic followers. All finalists in all categories are listed alphabetically.

Polls are open for voting, so once you've taken a look through the list of finalists, follow the link at the bottom to place your vote. Voting is limited to once per category, per day. There are nine other Game Show categories you can vote in as well, and these are also linked at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to everyone who made nominations and best of luck to all of the nominees! Voting will close on March 21st, and the winners will be announced on March 30th. Make sure you stop by then to see who has been chosen in each category!


The account @DoubleDare25 was set up to recognize and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game show Double Dare in 2011. There have been loads of great photos, giveaways, and fan interaction throughout the year (and into 2012 as well) serving as an entertaining walk down memory lane.


With well over 6,000 followers, the Twitter account for Family Feud has proven to be an effective way for the show to interact with fans old and new. If you're looking for casting alerts, video clips, and the same kind of fun that you'll find on the show, make sure you follow this account. They really do value their fans, and you'll find loads of retweets and personal replies to questions.


The Jeopardy! Twitter feed offers tournament and show updates, casting information, and a daily Jeopardy! trivia question (followed later by the answer to said question). Keep up with all things Jeopardy! by following them on Twitter.


The main draw for followers of the official Wheel of Fortune Twitter feed is the three-times-daily Toss-Up Puzzle. Fans compete to solve the puzzles every weekday, as letters are revealed at scheduled intervals. Of course you'll also find updates about the show and each theme week as well as contests and video clips. @WheelofFortune was last year's Readers' Choice winner in this category - can they pull it off again this year?


If you love watching Wipeout then you can really enhance your viewing experience by following along with the show's official Twitter account while the program is airing. A stream of tweets informs viewers about all kinds of neat facts about Wipeout, from where they get the materials to make the course elements to how contestants reacted to new obstacles.

Vote Now for Best Game Show Twitter Feed!

Now that you've met the five finalists, it's time to place your vote for Best Game Show Twitter Feed! Remember that you can vote once in each category every day, so don't forget to return tomorrow.

There are also nine other Game Show categories in the Readers' Choice Awards, and the polls for these categories can be found here:

Vote for Best Game Show
Vote for Best Game Show Host
Vote for Best Classic Game Show
Vote for Best Game Show Announcer
Vote for Favorite Game Show Contestant
Vote for Best Facebook Game
Vote for Best Mobile Game Show
Vote for Best Official Game Show Website
Vote for Best Game Show Fan Site

Good luck to all of the finalists!

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