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2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards - Game Show Categories


The About.com Readers' Choice Awards honor the favorite products, services, television shows, and personalities as chosen by our readers. Finalists are chosen from nominations submitted by readers, and then a voting period decides the winners.

Voting is now closed. We are in the process of verifying the votes, and winners will be announced on March 30th.

Good luck to all of the finalists!

Best Game Show

The finalists in the Best Game Show Category are all top-notch games that received an impressive number of nominations. The five Finalists are:

  • Baggage
  • Family Feud
  • Family Game Night
  • Jeopardy!
  • Wheel of Fortune

Best Classic Game Show

Classic game shows recall a simpler time, when the sets didn't have to be decorated with neon lights and parting gifts were the norm. Everyone has a favorite classic game, and now it's time to recognize them! The finalists for Best Classic Game Show are:

  • Password
  • Press Your Luck
  • Pyramid
  • The Match Game
  • To Tell the Truth

Best Game Show Host

This was another close category, and it's very clear that viewers are loyal to their favorites! Last year's winner, Pat Sajak, is of course on the list again this year. Can he keep his crown, or will the award go to a different host this year? Place your vote and help decide! The finalists for Best Game Show Host are:

  • Drew Carey
  • Steve Harvey
  • Todd Newton
  • Pat Sajak
  • Alex Trebek

Best Game Show Announcer

Game show announcers are an integral part of the viewing experience. Nothing beats an energetic intro or a smoothly-voiced prize description! The five finalists for Best Game Show Announcer are all talented and instantly recognizable just by their voices. They are:

  • Joey Fatone
  • Johnny Gilbert
  • George Gray
  • Burton Richardson
  • Jim Thornton

Favorite Game Show Contestant or Contestant Team

A new addition to the Readers' Choice Awards category, Favorite Game Show Contestant or Contestant Team gives a nod to those who show up to play. We're not necessarily choosing the best contestant or the one who won the most money - rather, we're looking for the contestant (or team) who entertained viewers and made the biggest positive impression. The nominees for this brand new category all played in 2011, whether or not they had also played on a game show in the past. Here are the five finalists for Favorite Game Show Contestant.

  • Caitlin Burke (Wheel of Fortune)
  • Roger Craig (Jeopardy!)
  • Ken Jennings (Jeopardy!)
  • Brad Rutter (Jeopardy!, Million Dollar Mind Game)
  • Watson (Jeopardy!)

Best Twitter Feed

If you're on Twitter, you already know that there are plenty of game show folks using the social networking service. From game show hosts to official show accounts, there's lots of activity there. Nominees for Best Twitter Feed include any of these accounts as long as they're game show related. The only stipulation is that the account has to be currently active. The five finalists for Best Game Show Twitter are:

Best Facebook Game

Facebook has some fantastic games based on game shows, from classics to current faves. Any game that you can play on Facebook that is based on a game show was eligible to be nominated in this category. The finalists are a nice mix of great games! Here they are:

Best Mobile Game

Game show games for gadget lovers can be highly addictive, and we want to know what the best ones are! Nominations included any games or apps based on a game show or written as an original game show, for any mobile device. They can be free for anyone to play or available for purchase - just about anything goes as long as it's game show focused. Here are the five finalists for Best Mobile Game Show:

Best Official Game Show Website

The blog/website categories were extremely popular last year, so we've brought them back for 2012. "Official" refers to the sites that are directly affiliated with the shows themselves - the sites that offer casting calls, show schedules, and all kinds of other good stuff. This year you chose these five sites as the finalists for Best Official Game Show Website:

Best Independent/Fan Blog or Website

Our final category for the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards includes those blogs and websites that are run independently by fans, and not directly affiliated with any game shows. These can be blogs, forums, or full websites. This is another popular category, and there were loads of nominations. Congratulations to the following five sites, who are the finalists for 2012:

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