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Game Show Fun & Trivia

Trivia, quizzes, games, polls, and more! Test your game show knowledge, or play the games online. Fun activities and interesting facts for any game show fan.
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Game Show People on Twitter
Some of the most active and informative game show folks on Twitter. If you're a social media junkie, make sure you're following these people!

The Best (and Worst) Game Show Moments of 2009
As 2009 draws to a close, it's time to take a look at the biggest moments in game shows throughout the year. 2009 brought us revivals, celebrity contestants, freshly-crowned millionaires, contestant gaffes, and cancellations, among other things. Here are the top ten memories we'll take with us from the year.

Favorite Moments in Game Shows From 2000-2009
Familiar faces from the world of game shows share their favorite moments from the 2000s.

Top Ten Moments in Game Shows of the 2000s
A chronological list of the top ten moments in game shows, from 2000-2009.

What Are the Biggest Game Show Blunders of the 2000s?
Readers submit their choices for the biggest game show blunders of the decade.

Biggest Game Show Blunders of the 2000s
The biggest blunders by game show contestants, hosts, celebrity guests, and even the networks themselves, all from the first decade of the 2000s.

Top Five Female Game Show Hosts
Five of the most memorable female game show hosts.

'Power of 10' Season Two Premiere Questions
Here are all of the questions (and answers) that were shown on the season two premiere of 'Power of 10,' as read by host Drew Carey.

Time's Up! Seven of the Shortest-Lived Game Shows
Seven game shows that had some of the shortest runs in history, and what made them memorable.

Eight Players Who Won More Than a Million
Ever wondered how much you can actually win on a game show? Here are the top eight prize winners in game show history to give you an idea of just how lucrative these shows can be.

Best Game Show Board Games
The top five board games based on game shows, from your About.com Guide to Board Games.

10 Greatest Moments in Big Brother
My picks for the top 10 moments in Big Brother history.

The Top 11 of 2011 - The Year's Best Game Show Moments
We share our favorite game show moments of 2011 in this countdown.

Top Game Show Catch Phrases
Can you name the game shows that these popular catch phrases come from?

The Most Memorable Game Show Moments of 2012
Five of the most memorable moments in game shows from 2012, including new shows, big winners, and sad losses.

Game Show Host Halloween Costume
Looking for an easy but really fun Halloween costume? You can customize your game show host getup in numerous ways!

Game Show Halloween Costumes
Create easy game show themed Halloween costumes with supplies you likely have on hand.

Where to Download Game Show Music
A list of resources for downloading game show music and theme songs.

Game Show PowerPoint Templates
Where to find excellent PowerPoint templates based on game shows.

Game Show Highlights of 2013
We choose the top ten game show moments from 2013 in this list.

7 Things You Didn't Know About The Price is Right
Seven fun trivia facts about The Price is Right.

Fun Facts About Family Feud
Fun, fast facts about Family Feud.

The Press Your Luck Whammy
The story of Press Your Luck's Whammy, the cartoon character who became the star of the show.

What is the Monty Hall Problem?
The Monty Hall Problem has a simple solution, but it can be hard to wrap your head around how it works.

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