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'Wheel of Fortune' from the PlayStation Network

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The PlayStation Network's 'Wheel of Fortune' game.

The PlayStation Network's 'Wheel of Fortune' game.

Courtesy Sony Online Entertainment

The Bottom Line

Wheel of Fortune, available for download through the PlayStation Network, is true enough to the real game that even casual fans will immediately know how to play. The puzzles themselves range from simple to tricky, and with nearly 9,000 of them, you won't run into repeats very often. The lack of a host or any other human voice can be awkward at times, and there are a few small changes that could make a big impact on game play, such as the ability to view the puzzle at a larger size before choosing whether to spin or buy a vowel. Overall though, it's tons of fun for single or multi-player game play.


  • Game play is the same as the show, including the bonus round, million dollar wedge, and more
  • Sound effects from the show are integrated seamlessly
  • You can customize your character before playing, and set the skill level of AI players
  • Lots of options for play, including network, single/multi player, and tour
  • You can play in eleven different cities, and sets are different for each


  • No sign of Pat or Vanna
  • You can end up with three almost identical players
  • No way to toggle the puzzle board to full screen before you spin, buy a vowel, or solve the puzzle


  • Developer: Sony Online Entertainment, for the PlayStation Network
  • Rating: E for Everyone
  • Release Date: March 19 2009
  • Download Price: $14.99 through the PlayStation Store
  • Choose single or multi player, and local or network play
  • Single game mode plays a regular game, including Toss Up rounds and the Bonus Round
  • Tour mode includes three games, each in a different city
  • Game play is identical to the show
  • Earn trophies as you play

Guide Review - 'Wheel of Fortune' from the PlayStation Network

The PlayStation Network's version of Wheel of Fortune is a highly addictive game that plays out almost exactly like the TV show. It's got all the things you'd look for in a true-to-the original game, including sound effects, the new million dollar wedge, Toss Up rounds, the Mystery round, Wild Cards, Bonus Round, and more. You can even select how hard you want to spin the wheel when it's your turn.

While I have no complaints whatsoever with the actual game play, there are a few things that I would love to see included here. There's no host in this game – no Pat or Vanna, nor even a generic host. The lack of human voices can be a little strange at times. That said, the PSN version of Jeopardy is also host-less, as are several other console games based on game shows.

Also, it would be really handy if you could toggle to a full-screen shot of the puzzle board before deciding whether to spin, buy a vowel, or solve. The current puzzle sits in the bottom right corner of the screen, but it's rather small until you get to actually choose a letter.

Finally, with the current setup, even if you customize your own character in single player mode, it's possible that your two opponents will look almost exactly the same as each other, or as your own character.

These are small complaints though. The game is terrific in all other aspects, and the puzzles themselves are widely varied so there's something for everyone. There are lots of different ways to play too, with others or by yourself. I've already logged many, many hours with this game, and will be playing it for many more to come. Try Tour mode for a longer session, as it combines three different full-length games, each with a different city set.

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