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Reviews of game show books, DVDs, console games, and other products based on current or classic game shows. You can even add your own reviews!

'Here's the Deal - Don't Touch Me' by Howie Mandel
'Deal or No Deal' host Howie Mandel's new book 'Here's the Deal Don't Touch Me' combines humor with a serious look at OCD and ADHD.

'Wheel of Fortune' from the PlayStation Network
A review of the downloadable 'Wheel of Fortune' game, available through the PlayStation Store for the PS3.

'Million Dollar Password' Handheld Game
A review of the 'Million Dollar Password' handheld game from iToys.

'Bingo America' DVD Game
The 'Bingo America' DVD game allows you to play GSN's interactive game show at home with any number of players, but it can be confusing.

'The Best of Password' DVD
'The Best of Password' DVD set brings four discs full of classic 'Password' episodes to a new audience.

'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' Board Game
A review of the 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' board game, including ways to make the game more enjoyable for group or family play.

'Game Show Moments Gone Bananas' DVD Review
A review of the 'Game Show Moments Gone Bananas' DVD, hosted by Ben Stein. A great collection of game show clips from the past.

'The Price is Right' for the Nintendo Wii Review
'The Price is Right' comes to the Nintendo Wii in a game that's perfect for 'Price is Right' fans, but lacks action for the average casual gamer.

Play Pyramid on Facebook
The $100,000 Pyramid for Facebook is limited, but still worth playing.

Play Deal or No Deal on Facebook
If you loved the show, you'll love playing Deal or No Deal on Facebook. The game is not without its pitfalls, however.

Play 1 vs. 100 on Facebook
1 vs 100 has one inherent problem when played on Facebook: the mob.

Press Your Luck on Facebook
Press Your Luck combines great graphics and sound effects with simple trivia for a fun Facebook experience.

The Best Game Show Movies
Game shows make interesting plot points in movies. Here are some of the best films to include game shows as a main focus point.

You Don't Know Jack for Facebook
You Don't Know Jack for Facebook is much like the original game, complete with special rounds and a familiar host.

Book Review: Living on Air by Joe Cipriano
Joe Cipriano is a voice over actor who has announced several game shows. His book chronicles his journey to his successful career.

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