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Hole in the Wall Photos

It's Time to Face the Hole!


Hole in the Wall is based on a Japanese game show that has been dubbed Human Tetris. Contestants must twist and contort their bodies to fit through an advancing wall, with odd-shaped holes cut out. Failure to fit through the hole results in a splash, as contestants are pushed into a pool of water behind them.
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Two contestants on the red team prepare to fit through the wall in 'Hole in the Wall.'Preparing to Face the HoleOne contestant on the red team doesn't make it through the Hole in the Wall and falls into the waterWhat Happens When You Miss the Hole in the WallA contestant attempts to fit through a hole in the wall.Striking a Pose to Fit Through the Hole in the WallA contestant interprets the hole in the wall quite literally.Getting Through the Hole in the Wall
Host Brooke Burns looks on as a team celebrates on Hole in the WallBrooke Burns Looks on as One Team CelebratesBrooke Burns co-hosts 'Hole in the Wall'Brooke Burns Co-Hosts 'Hole in the Wall'Mark Thompson co-hosts Hole in the WallMark Thompson Co-Hosts 'Hole in the Wall'Buckwild, Saapphyri, and Pumkin from Flavor of Love play Hole in the Wall.'Flavor of Love' Girls Play 'Hole in the Wall'
Destiny, Jessica, and Ambre from Rock of Love play Hole in the Wall.'Rock of Love' Girls Play 'Hole in the Wall'
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