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'Family Feud' Celebrates Halloween

John O'Hurley and Competing Families Dress Up for the Occasion


Family Feud always has fun with their themed episodes, and Halloween is no exception. The families dress up in costumes, as does host John O'Hurley, and the set is decorated with spooky characters and props. Here are some photos from the 2009 Halloween episode, airing October 30th, and featuring the Bronson and Harbin families.

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Family Feud Halloween Bronson familyThe Bronson Family on 'Family Feud'Family Feud host John O'Hurley with the Bronson FamilyJohn O'Hurley and the Bronson FamilyFamily Feud Halloween Harbin familyHalloween 'Family Feud' - Meet the Harbin FamilyJohn O'Hurley and the Harbin family on Family Feud Halloween episodeJohn O'Hurley and the Harbin Family
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