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'Minute to Win It' Explained

Guy Fieri Hosts this Game Show from NBC


Minute to Win It cast

Guy Fieri hosts 'Minute to Win It'

Courtesy NBC

Minute to Win It, scheduled to debut on NBC on March 14th 2010, at 7pm Eastern, challenges contestants to complete ordinary tasks in ten seconds or less. Each completed task earns money, with a maximum payout of $1,000,000 for ten successful completions. The show was developed under the working title, Perfect 10.

The host of the show is Food Network personality Guy Fieri. Fieri is a former winner of the reality show The Next Food Network Star, and he has parlayed his win into a variety of live shows and appearances on the Food Network. He is lively and vocal, and many expect that his personality will translate well to a game show.

Contestants will be challenged to play games such as:

  • Ping Tac Toe - Contestants get ping pong balls of two different colors, and must bounce the balls into drinking glasses to complete a Tic Tac Toe sequence.
  • Hanky Panky - Contestants must use one hand to pull tissues from a full box, one at a time, until all of the tissues are out.
  • Egg Roll - Contestants must roll three eggs across the floor using a pizza box to fan them.
  • Junk in the Trunk - Ping pong balls are contained in a box with a small opening, and then attached to the contestant's back. The contestant must get all of the balls out of the box without his or her hands touching the floor.
  • The Bobblehead - The contestant gets a pedometer strapped to his or her head and must rack up 150 "steps" by nodding furiously.
  • Mega Bubble - Requires contestants to blow a bubble using a bubble wand, and then blow it 15 feet into the air, directing it through a hoop.

Prior to appearing on the show, all contestants are given a list of all 60 potential games they could be required to play, and encouraged to practice them at home.

The first season of eight episodes has been filmed, and if Minute to Win It gets a good viewer response, we could see further seasons scheduled. We will update with any casting call notices at that time.

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