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Be a Contestant on 'Opportunity Knocks'

How Well do You Know Your Family?


Contestants ready to play Opportunity Knocks

Contestants ready to play 'Opportunity Knocks'

Courtesy ABC

Note: Opportunity Knocks is no longer airing, and therefore not accepting contestant applications. The information contained in this article is for reference purposes only, and will be updated in the event the show returns.

If you think you know your family very well, and have a good idea of everyone's daily routines and habits, you might be the perfect family for Opportunity Knocks! The game travels to contestants' homes, setting up on the front lawn.


Families eligible to play Opportunity Knocks must:

  • Own their own homes
  • Have children between the ages of 7 and 21
  • Be legal residents of the United States

How to Apply

To get the application process started, send an e-mail to familygameshowcasting@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Your family's name and contact information
  • Photo of your family
  • Photo of your home
  • Brief family bio, including everyone's names, ages, and occupations or school grades
  • Why you think your family would be great contestants on the show

Keep the information brief, but try to stand out by mentioning any special qualities your family has, interesting things you do together, or other fun things that will get the attention of the casting staff.

After that, it's a waiting game to see if your family will move to the next level of casting!

Things to Keep in Mind

Since Opportunity Knocks sets up their stage in your front yard, you'll have to have a sizable front lawn that is relatively flat. Also, since the crew takes up a considerable amount of space, busy streets or extremely small cul-de-sacs might be tricky.

If your family makes it past the initial casting stage, members of the show's production staff will stop by for a visit and a mock game to see how you and your family react, and if you're suitable for the show.

For more information, visit 3Ball Productions.

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