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'Minute to Win It' Bite Me Game


Rows of paper bags in carpark
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Transfer paper bags from the floor to their podiums in this game. Do a few stretches before attempting Bite Me! Your back and legs are going to get quite a work out in a very short time.

The Goal

Place five paper bags, cut to different heights, onto five different podiums using only your teeth.

Equipment Needed


  • Five brown paper grocery bags
  • Five tables or other objects that can be used as podiums


How to Play


  • Trim the tops of each paper bag so that they reach the following heights standing up: 10", 8", 6", 4", and 2".
  • Place the bags, open and standing, in a semi-circle, 4' apart from each other.
  • Set up the podiums near each bag.
  • Designate a starting point, near the center of the circle. Stand at the starting point with your hands at your sides.
  • When the timer starts, start with the tallest bag, bending to pick it up with your mouth, then placing it on the nearest podium, again using only your mouth.
  • Continue with the rest of the bags, working from tallest to shortest.

If you successfully place all of the bags on the podiums within one minute, congratulations!

The Rules


  • You may only touch the ground with your feet. You can't use your hands or knees for balance.
  • If you accidentally touch the ground with any other body part, you must release the bag to the floor, stand fully upright, and then resume the game.
  • You cannot use the podiums for balance.
  • If a bag falls off a podium before the end of the game, it must be placed back up.
  • In order to succeed, all five bags must be sitting concurrently on their respective podiums.


Tips and Tricks


  • Take care not to tip the bags over, as you aren't allowed to use your hands to stand them back up. They will be more difficult to pick up with your teeth while lying on their sides.
  • Dont' rush by the podiums too quickly if there are bags on top, as you could accidentally knock them off.
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