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'Minute to Win It' Spudnick Game



Minute to Win It has a reputation for making odd little games that use common household items to play with. Spudnick fits all of the above criteria. Turn a potato into a little upside-down creature using bendable straws and candy coated, chocolate covered peanuts. Yes, you read that right.

The Goal

To win this game, place five bendy straws into the sides of a raw potato. Then, balance candy-coated peanuts on the ends of the straws. Who comes up with these things anyway?

Equipment Needed

Raid your kitchen for the items you'll need to play Spudnick. Try to refrain from snacking on the candy at least until the game is over. Here's what you need:

How to Set Up the Game Before Playing

On the show and in the instruction video, they use peeled potatoes. Personally I don't think that makes any difference whatsoever, but if you want to peel them go ahead and do so. Just keep the peeled potatoes in a bucket or bowl of ice water so that they don't turn black before you play. (And you'll also want to keep a dish towel handy to dry the potatoes off before you play.)

Right before playing, place a potato on the table, along with five straws and a small bowl of candy. You can add a few extra straws to account for potential breakage if you're feeling generous. Get the timer ready and nearby.

How to Play

The player begins by standing in front of the prepared table. When the one-minute timer begins, he or she can pick up the potato and a straw and start working. The straws must be placed in the sides of the potato (like bug legs, only upside down) with the bended portion tilted upwards. Place all five straws into the potato, all the way around it.

Once the straws are in place, put the potato on the table and balance the chocolate-covered peanuts on the ends of the straws, one on each. Get this whole contraction set up in one minute or less and you win.

The Rules

You wouldn't think a game based on potatoes and candy would have any rules. You'd be wrong.

  • All five straws must be placed in the sides of the potatoes with the bendable part bent upwards -- you can't just jam them into the top of the potato and call it a day.
  • All five straws and all five candies must be in place concurrently for three consecutive seconds in order to win.

Tips and Tricks

Use careful, steady pressure with the straws when trying to get them stuck in the potato to avoid bending and breaking the ends. Make sure that you're placing the long end of the straw (not the short bended section) into the potato, otherwise you'll have to go back and turn them all around. Finally, don't worry too much about adjusting the bended sections until you're ready to start putting the candies on them -- then, make sure they're all adjusted before you start placing the candies. This way you'll avoid knocking candies off and having to redo some of your work.

The blueprint with video instructions for this game can be found at NBC.com. Make sure you check this out to see what the final potato sculpture should look like.

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