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'Minute to Win It' Paper Dragon Game



Paper dragon is extremely simple in setup and concept making it perfect for almost any party, event, or gathering. The execution itself isn't hard either - simply unspool two rolls of paper streamers using a circular arm motion. Never underestimate the power of racing against the clock, however. That's really the basis for all Minute to Win It games.

The Goal

Take two full-sized spools of streamers and unwind them completely, one on each arm, by grabbing hold of one end of streamers in each hand and doing your best windmill impression. You're going to end up with both of your arms wrapped in streamers. What could be more festive?

Equipment Needed

This is likely the shortest shopping list you'll ever have. For each person playing Paper Dragon, you will need:

  • Two spools of streamers, the larger size that is roughly equivalent to a salad plate in diameter
  • A one-minute timer or stop watch

Keep in mind that, after each round, the streamers themselves will be unsalveagable. Many will rip and tear, and even if you want to spend half an hour unwinding each used one and winding it back up, they're not going to be in any shape to play with. You'll need two fresh rolls for each person playing. Fortunately you can usually find these in multi-packs at the dollar store.

Set Up the Game

Setup for Paper Dragon is ridiculously easy. Place two rolls of streamers on the floor so that they're resting flat (not on their edges). Pull up the ends of the streamers from the middle so they stick up a bit. You're done. Go have a coffee or something.

How to Play

The player begins by grabbing the protruding edges of each roll of streamers from the middles of the rolls, one in each hand. When the one-minute timer begins the player starts swirling his or arms in mad circles trying to unwind both rolls. Get both spools of streamers completely unrolled by the time the minute is up and you win!

The Rules

There are a few rules for this game, of course, but they too are simple.

  • If a streamer breaks, the player can grab the end and keep going.
  • You must unspool the streamers by winding your arms in circles (like swimming the frontstroke, only on land and with streamers in your hands). You can't turn your body at the same time or try to come up with better methods.

Tips and Tricks

Tips are for complicated games that involve some kind of skill. For this one there's only one single tip: Move your arms quickly.

The blueprint with video instructions for this game can be found at NBC.com.

Play Paper Dragon at Parties

I think I've accurately described all steps of this game as "easy" or "simple," so I probably don't need to convince you that it's a good one to add to your party game repertoire. You know what else is easy? Customizing the game to fit your party. For example:

  • Use streamers that match your decorating scheme, or that reflect the holdiay you're celebrating (like red and green for a Christmas game).
  • For younger kids, use smaller rolls of streamers or unwind about half of the larger rolls before they start. Remember their arms are smaller so they won't be able to unwind as quickly.
  • If you've got a large gathering, conduct this game competition-style. Have several people play at the same time, with the fastest ones moving on to the next round until a single winner can be crowned.
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