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'Minute to Win It' Frankenstein Game



The Frankenstein monster is culturally known as a stiff creature that moves with arms outstretched, seemingly with tunnel vision. This is how you'll have to move yourself if you want to be successful at the aptly named Minute to Win It Frankenstein game, which incidentally is the perfect addition to any Halloween party. Balance yardsticks capped with batteries from one location to another to master this one.

The Goal

Pick up three yardsticks, each with batteries balanced on both ends, using only your arms. Carry these yardsticks to the designated drop-off point without dropping anything and you win the game, as long as you complete the task in one minute or less.

Equipment Needed

Playing Frankenstein takes a bit of setup work, but the resulting game is a lot of fun and very much worth it. Here's what you'll need, equipment wise:

  • Six tables of equal height
  • Three yardsticks (the flat ones, not the round pointer-type sticks)
  • Six D batteries
  • Four wristbands or large-ish elastics
  • Timer or stop watch

How to Play

Before you begin, you'll need to set up the play area. Pick an open space outdoors, or move some furniture around inside to leave enough room to play. Note that the rules don't state how far apart the tables should be placed, so use your own judgement depending on how difficult you want the game to be.

Place the tables, in pairs, in a triangle formation with some walking distance between each point. Then place one yardstick per pair of tables, balanced between the two tables with three inches of each end of the yardstick resting on the tables. Still with me? Now, place one battery on each end of the yardsticks, 3 inches from the end. So the batteries will line up with the spot where the table ends on each side.

Now, we prep the player. Roll up any long sleeves first, then place a wristband or elastic (loose enough so it doesn't cut off circulation) at each wrist, and at each elbow. This marks the spots on the arms where the yardsticks must rest as they're being carried. One stick must go above the elbow marker, one in between the two markers, and the other on the wrists below the band.

The player starts at one of the pairs of tables (doesn't matter which one, since they're all the same). When the one-minute timer starts, the player leans down and picks up the first yardstick with his arms facing up, and carries it to the next station. There, he must add the next yardstick to his armload and continue to the third station. Again, he picks up the yardstick and carries all three back to the first station. All three sticks must then be placed on the tables at the first station, and of course the whole thing must be accomplished without dropping any of the batteries.

The Rules

The basic rules are pretty simple - you can't touch the yardsticks or batteries with anything but your arms, and you can't touch any of the tables at all. If a battery drops the game is over.

Tips and Tricks

Use your knees to bend and collect the yardsticks, since it will be easier to keep your balance than bending with your back. Concentrate on where you're going and try not to lock your elbows or flex your arm muscles. While the traditional Frankenstein monster swayed from one side to the other while he was in motion, you obviously want to avoid this.

The blueprint with video instructions for this game can be found at NBC.com.

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