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Minute to Win It Candelier Game



Build an inverted pyramid out of empty cans and paper plates in under sixty seconds to win Candelier.

The Goal

Using 15 empty soda cans and 5 paper plates, build a free-standing tower with one can on the bottom tier, all the way up to five cans on the top.

Equipment Needed

  • 15 empty standard-sized soda cans
  • 5 paper dinner plates
  • table

How to Play

Place the cans to the left of the person playing, and the plates on the right. When the timer begins, place a single can as the base of the structure, topped with a plate. On the next tier, stack two cans on the plate, followed by another plate. Continue with tiers of three, four, and five cans until all of the cans have been stacked with plates between each level.

The Rules

  • Remove the tabs from the soda cans before playing
  • The tower must be free-standing (without the contestant holding it up in any way) for at least three consecutive seconds

Tips and Tricks

Try to keep each tier as centered as possible with cans touching each other. When adding cans, try to place them on top of the point where two cans underneath meet. As you add more cans the structure actually gets stronger, but empty cans are notorious for tipping in a slight breeze -- don't make too many sudden, jerky movements.

The blueprint with video instructions for this game can be found at NBC.com.

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