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The Jeopardy! Clue Crew



The Jeopardy! Clue Crew is a group of young people who travel around the world and record video questions for the game. Their questions can be in any category, focusing on their location and what makes it unique.

Clue Crew History

The Clue Crew started in 2001, when the need for more interactive questions became apparent. Jeopardy! has always looked for ways to keep the show modern and fresh, and the addition of video questions was the way to go at that time. They put out a call for people to apply, and the response was impressive. Out of the thousands of applications, four people were chosen to become the Clue Crew.

Current Clue Crew Members

As of 2013, there are three members of the Jeopardy! Clue Crew. They are:

Jimmy McGuire: Jimmy has been part of the Crew since its inception. He is a graduate of Ohio University and previously worked as a reporter for a local news show. He plays bowling and golf, and is recently married.

Kelly Miyahara: Kelly joined the Clue Crew in 2005. She has traveled to Japan with Alex Trebek as part of the USO tour. She attended Seattle's University of Washington and is an Ironman triathlete.

Sarah Whitcomb Foss: Sarah is also one of the original members of the Clue Crew. She has visited 32 countries in this role since 2001. She is also recently married.

Other Clue Crew duties

The Clue Crew is most prominent as the clue presenters on the show, but they also have other roles. Any time a Jeopardy! media appearance is made, at least one of the Crew members is on hand. They also travel to schools to deliver the Classroom Jeopardy product, which is sent all over the world for free to deserving schools.

To find out more about the Clue Crew and to see lots of their video questions in action, visit the Clue Crew section of the official Jeopardy! website.

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