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Zoink'd: A Canadian Game Show for Kids


Zoink'd: A Canadian Game Show for Kids

The cast of Zoink'd season 2.

Courtesy YTV/Corus

While YTV's game show Zoink'd is geared towards younger viewers, the contestants themselves are actually grown ups. What makes the show interesting is that the judging panel is made up of kids.

How Zoink'd Works

Zoink'd is a talent show made for and judged by children. The judging panel is made up of four tweens who get to decide whether or not the adult contestants should qualify to win the prize money at the end of each episode.

Grown-up contestants enter the stage and perform some kind of act. These acts vary a great deal from goofy to truly talented, and can encompass almost any sort of entertainment. From a woman who mixes expired foods in a blender and then drinks her concoction to a seasoned break-dance performer, anything goes. The main goal is to appeal to the kids on the panel.

Each judge has a pulley in front of him or her, and if he or she does not enjoy the current act the pulley is employed. After three judges pull their levers the contestant is considered "Zoink'd" and a bucket of goo rains down to drench him or her. If two or fewer judges pull their levers, the contestant remains in the running to win the game.

Any contestant who does not get zoink'd is immediately rated, out of ten possible points, by each of the judges and then the studio audience (which is, of course, made up of kids). At the end of the show, the contestant with the highest overall score wins the prize money. It's not the most lucrative game show for the grown-ups to win as the prize is a mere $1,000.

Adam Christie, Host of Zoink'd

The host of Zoink'd is Canadian comedian Adam Christie. Christie has had small parts in television shows and short films, but this is, so far, his most visible television role. He's a gifted stand-up comedian and has been recognized with several Canadian Comedy Award nominations.

The Zoink'd Judges

There are ten tween judges featured on Zoink'd, four of whom appear in each episode. These kids all have their own talents and big personalities. For example, Daniel is 11 and can speak fluent Russian, but he's also quirky and can deliver a critique in a number of different accents and styles. Brielle works with the Canadian Opera Company, and Jadiel is an award-winning public speaker.

Perhaps surprisingly, these kids all seem to have an eye for talent. Not many adults get through without being "gooed" unless they actually deliver a solid performance. Going for cheap laughs or the gross-out factor doesn't usually secure prize-winning act on this show.

How to Be a Contestant

If you're a grown-up who lives in Canada and wants to try for the $1,000 prize on Zoink'd, you can apply in two different ways: Online and through open casting calls. Keep in mind that the show only accepts contestants when a new season is filming (naturally), so watch for deadline dates -- if they're already passed, then you'll have to wait for the next season.

For all the information you'll need to know to be an adult contestant, visit the official Zoink'd casting page.

If you're a kid and you're interested in being on the judging panel, the process becomes much trickier. These kids are hand-picked because of their personalities, accomplishments, interests, and hobbies. The show's official website will post casting calls for judges when and if they need them, so visit often.

Canadian Entertainment for Kids

Though the contestants on Zoink'd are adults, this is most definitely a game show for kids. The humor and "goo" action are all aimed at getting giggles from the tween and pre-tween set. While the judges lean towards the pretentious side, the entertainment value is high for younger viewers. Parents and kids will enjoy watching the show together, though if you're older than 13 you may want to skip more than one episode in a row.

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