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Meet the People Behind the Game Shows


Game shows rely on big personalities for success. Even with the perfect format, a show can't be successful without an effective host, talented writers and producers, and memorable contestants. Learn more about your favorite game show personalities through interviews, biographies, photo galleries, and articles that bring us right into the heart and soul of every program.
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The best way to learn more about someone is to ask them directly! Take a closer look at those involved in game shows, from contestants to hosts to executive producers, by hearing what they have to say in these fun and informative interviews.

Photo Galleries

Meet the casts of some of the most popular game shows, take a look at costumes and sets used in themed episodes, and take a walk down memory lane with these fantastic photos.

Host Biographies

Learn more about the hosts of current and classic game shows as we delve into their lives. From Chuck Woolery to Jeff Foxworthy, we'll take a look at how they got their start in show business, other projects they're working on, and their appearances in other shows, films, and various media.


Howie Mandel and Million Dollar Winner Jessica Robinson on Deal or No Deal

Some contestants are memorable because they won lots of money, setting records for the shows they appeared on. Others make an impression just by being themselves. Meet some of the most memorable game show contestants right here!

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