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Chad Mosher


Chad Mosher has appeared on Jeopardy! in their Kids' Tournament in 2003. He was also a contestant on Million Dollar Password, where he teamed up with celebrity contestant Phil Keoghan to win $25,000. He is currently a college student and junior high school quiz bowl coach.


In addition to his game show appearances, Chad has worked in various positions for PlayCafe, the first online game show network. He wrote and edited trivia, acted as manager of operations, and even set up a home studio and hosted a weekly two-hour game show. He has assisted former Beat the Geeks host J. Keith von Straaten with game show pilots and presentations, and has appeared on a GSN Live segment in which he gave away a laptop computer to one lucky contestant.

You can learn more about Chad at his website, www.chadmosher.com, or follow him on Twitter.

From Chad Mosher

Every week I will do my best to entertain and inform you with my thoughts, opinions and insight into the world of game shows, with my weekly column on the About Game Shows blog. This column will serve as a hodgepodge of game show-related information, from tips on how to get onto a game show, to realistic views on the landscape of game shows, to ways to succeed on call-in programs and even fun anecdotes and stories from my experiences in games.

I hope you’ll find this series of blogs as interesting and as fun as I will writing them. If you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions for blogs, feel free to email me at chad@chadmosher.com.

Game on!

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