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Mark "The Beast" Labbett

One of the UK's Chasers on The Chase Hits the US Version of the Show


Mark Labbett

Mark Labbett

courtesy GSN

Mark Labbett has been nicknamed "The Beast" for two reasons. First, he's a beast at quizzers with a keen mind and quick wit. Second, well, he's a large fellow. He's an important part of the game show The Chase, even more so now that the program has been picked up by GSN and airs in North America starting in August of 2013.

Who is Mark Labbett?

Mark Labbett was born in Tiverton, Devon (U.K.) on August 15, 1965. He's an accomplished academic, having earned the following:

  • An MA in Mathematics from Oxford University
  • A PGCE in Secondary Education from Exeter University
  • A CPE and LPC from the University of Glamorgan

When he's not winning money or chasing people on quiz shows, Labbett works as a secondary school teacher. He's also quite active hosting charity quiz nights to benefit cancer research. He currently resides in Rotherham, Yorkshire. Labbett is a big fan of professional wrestling.

Labbett's Quiz Show Appearances as a Contestant

With all of his studies, it's no real surprise to learn that Labbett enjoys trivia. After hitting the quiz bowl circuit and enjoying success, he turned his attention to game shows. His appearances as a contestant include:

  • Mastermind, where he competed twice and chose The Olympics and The Simpsons as his subjects
  • BrainTeaset
  • Sudo-Q
  • Millionaire Live
  • Only Connect
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
  • University Challenge
  • Brain of Britain
  • The National Lottery People's Quiz
  • Grand Slam

This all tells us two things: One, that Mark Labbett is smart and good at trivia. The other is that we need far more good quiz shows on this side of the pond.

The Chase

In 2009 Labbet joined the U.K. game show The Chase, in which he dubbed "The Beast." He plays with three other chasers, Paul Sinha, Shaun Wallace, and Anne Hegerty. When GSN announced in 2013 that they were going to be adapting the game for a North American audience, it was Mark Labbett who was chosen to become the one and only chaser for the show.

Labbett has been featured prominently in promos for GSN's version of The Chase, posing alongside petite host Brooke Burns for publicity photos. His imposing size and obvious intelligence make him the perfect foil for the contestants on the show.


"Being a mathematician is the worst degree specialism for a quiz specialist or trivia player because your specialist knowledge doesn’t tend to equate with general knowledge. But I have a real passion for history, so I’m very strong on that." -- From a set visit interview with Hollywood Junket.

"I would love to see Magnus on The Chase, I saw him on an episode of Are You Smarter Than A 10-Year-Old? and to use the phrase, the boys got skills. He's clearly got a brain on him and he thinks quite clearly, he would be the equivalent of an enhancement talent on the quiz circuit, he's got that basic intelligence and knowledge plus he didn't buckle under pressure, I think he would be a pretty good contestant." -- On which pro wrestler he'd like to see on The Chase, from The Layfield Report.

Find Labbett Online

If you're a fan of Mark Labbett you can keep up with what he's doing through several places online (not to mention by watching The Chase). He's active on Twitter @MarkLabbett, and there's a Facebook group devoted to him called the Mark Labbett 'The Beast' Appreciation Society. He's also got his own website at MarkLabbett.co.uk.

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