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2011 Readers' Choice Awards - Best Game Show Announcer Finalists


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Johnny Gilbert
Johnny Gilbert and Alex Trebek

Johnny Gilbert with Alex Trebek

Courtesy Getty Images Entertainment

Johnny Gilbert has been the voice of Jeopardy! since the show was revived in 1984 with Alex Trebek at the helm. While most game show fans know him in this capacity, it's interesting to note that Gilbert actually started out hosting game shows rather than voicing them.

Gilbert, who spent several years as a nightclub entertainer, hosted a handful of game shows including Fast Draw and Beat the Odds. He took over as the announcer for The Price is Right back in the 60s (when the show was hosted by Bill Cullen), which led to a slew of other announcing gigs.

Gilbert's extensive resume of announcing includes shows such as Camouflage, Chain Reaction, Dream House, multiple versions of Pyramid, and Love Connection. He has also appeared as a guest announcer on Wheel of Fortune several times over the years. Even with his impressive game show experience, he'll always be known as the man who invites us into a half-hour of quiz show goodness every weeknight with, "This is Jeopardy!"

Johnny Gilbert's website can be found at JohnnyGilbert.tv.

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