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'Family Game Night'


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'Family Game Night' Season 2
Family Game Night logo
Courtesy The Hub/Discovery

Going into its second year of programming, The Hub is offering up a brand new season of viewer favorite Family Game Night. The show features two families vying for cash and prizes through a series of games based on Hasbro board games. During the first season we saw lots of fun games, including Connect Four, Scrabble, Bop-It, and even Yahtzee.

One of the nice things about Family Game Night is that both families get to keep the cash and prizes they've accumulated throughout the show. After each game, the youngest child on the winning team chooses a Monopoly Crazy Cash Card. These cards are all pre-loaded with a set amount of money. At the end of the show, families go to a giant bank machine and insert their cards to learn how much money they've won. Prizes are also awarded throughout the game, and additionally, the family with the most money wins a family vacation.

The second season promises to be even more exciting, with returning games and some new ones sprinkled in. For starters, each episode will begin with a Cranium Brain Break. These will include small but challenging tasks, such as sorting balloons into bins or sticking a "brain" onto host Todd Newton's head while blindfolded. The winning family gets to make the first Crazy Cash Card pick.

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