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'Deal or No Deal'


Deal or No Deal combines simple and straight-forward game play with a glamorous set, witty host, and 26 gorgeous models to create an extremely popular and addictive game show. Over 75 different countries have all produced their own versions of the game, making it one of the most popular game show formats in history.

How Does 'Deal or No Deal' Work?

Howie Mandel and the Case Models on 'Deal or No Deal'
Courtesy NBC

Game play is remarkably simple, relying more on luck than any particular skill. The tricky part lies in knowing when to accept an offer and walk away.

Howie Mandel, Host of 'Deal or No Deal'

Howie Mandel hosts 'Deal or No Deal'
Courtesy NBC

Howie Mandel is a proud Canadian, stand-up comedian, actor, husband, father, and game show host. He's had lots of fun roles and interesting jobs during his career in entertainment, and could possibly be one of the busiest game show hosts ever!

The 'Deal or No Deal' Case Models

The case models on 'Deal or No Deal'
Courtesy NBC

How Do I Become a Contestant on 'Deal or No Deal?'

A contestant with Howie Mandel on 'Deal or No Deal'
Courtesy NBC

The U.S. version of Deal or No Deal has run its course. The prime time show wrapped up in 2009, and the syndicated half-hour version ran for two seasons, ending in 2010. While you can no longer apply to be a contestant on the show, these links are provided for informational purposes, as they contain handy information for other game show applications and casting calls.

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