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What to Expect at a 'Deal or No Deal' Casting Call


Deal or No Deal models Patricia Kara and Tameka Jacobs

'Deal or No Deal' models Patricia Kara and Tameka Jacobs

Courtesy NBC

Further Rounds

The next few rounds of the casting process tend to differ slightly, depending on what staff members are available and how many applicants there are. Sometimes, all you'll be doing is talking about yourself, being recorded on 30-second videos for casting to look through later, and waiting in more lines.

Other times, however, there are more interesting things to do, such as:

  • Compete with other potential contestants to see who can be the loudest in the bunch. A trinket such as a Deal or No Deal ball cap or t-shirt is handed out to the loudest person, and that person is guaranteed a spot on the show.

  • Open a case on film. Really!

  • Answer questions about yourself from casting producer Neal Konstantini.

One thing to remember is that, in the game itself, the Banker likes to give contestants a hard time. You might get some of this attitude from casting staff during your audition, so it's important to keep in mind that they want to see how you react. Keep a positive attitude, and try to always have a sense of humor.


If you're really lucky, you'll get a callback to return and play a mock game, or open a few cases to let the producers know what you'll be like on video. Sometimes this happens during the actual casting call, but if there are a lot of people on hand and they run out of time, this will take place on a completely different date.

If you don't get a callback, don't despair! This does not indicate that you failed to make a good impression on the casting folks, and you still have a shot at getting on the show.

What Casting Staff is Looking For

I know what you're wondering now: "What exactly are these people looking for?" It's natural to want to fit the mold that casting staff wants for the show. The true answer here is that they want people who are enthusiastic, excited, and above all, real.

The short phrase "be yourself" may not have much of an impact to you, but that's the mantra you should get used to if you want to be a game show contestant. If you're fake, overdo it, or try to be someone you're not, it will show.

Deal or No Deal casting producer Neal Konstantini told us:

"We need to see your personality, we need to see an evolution as a personality comes out. Open up and be yourself.

We're looking for the person who doesn't care if they look silly, and puts everything on the line. We want to know your story, we want to know who you are. The people who get on the show are wide open. There's no mystery, they are who they are and they're able to share that."

More: Interview with Deal or No Deal Casting Producer Neal Konstantini

VIP Auditions

Deal or No Deal has, in past years, set up VIP auditions through their online application process. All this means is that early applicants get a chance to audition in smaller groups, rather than wait in line at an open casting call.

People who attend a VIP audition have no real advantage over those who attend an open casting call, and they don't stand any better shot at getting on the show. If the casting producer thinks you'd be a great Deal or No Deal contestant, then you'll make the right impression no matter how or when you apply!

Waiting for the Call

Once you've attended an open casting call, VIP audition, or sent in an application online, all you can do is sit back and wait for the call to know whether or not you made it on the show. Contestants are pulled from the potential pool of applicants several times throughout the taping season, so your call could come months from the date of your audition.

At the end of a casting call, you should be given a deadline for when the call will come. If this date comes and goes without a phone call from the Deal or No Deal staff, you can safely assume that you didn't make the cut. However, you can still apply again for the next season, when the madness starts all over again!

More Resources

We've got a vibrant community posting in some of the Deal or No Deal casting blog comments, so if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to post them and someone will be by to answer. Here are the best ones so far:

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