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How to Become a Game Show Contestant


Being a game show contestant can be the experience of a lifetime, especially if you win the big prizes! Learn more about the application process, get tips from real casting producers, and find out where and when to apply for the most popular game shows.
  1. Game Show Applications
  2. Application Tips and Advice
  3. Contestant Stories and Reader Feedback

Game Show Applications

Minute to Win It Contestant

Detailed descriptions on what to expect with each game show application, including where to find and download the forms, what to include in your application package, where to send your information, and a handy checklist for each application.

Application Tips and Advice

Get advice on your game show applications from the pros. Casting producers share their tips and tricks for standing out amongst the crowd, and let us know exactly what they're looking for in a potential game show contestant.

Contestant Stories and Reader Feedback

Game show contestant Alex Purnell

One thing that all game shows have in common is that they give real people like you and I the chance to win money and prizes. Hear from real people who have been on game shows, and share your reasons for wanting to appear on one.

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