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10 Things to Take to a Game Show Casting Call


Attending open casting calls for game shows can be an exercise in patience. Since one of the top recommendations for casting calls is to arrive early, you'll be spending quite a bit of time waiting. Then, when it's time to meet the casting folks, you'll want to look your best – even if you've been standing in line for hours.

You can (and should) prepare for any casting call by taking along these 10 items. Now go out there and get yourself a spot on that game show!

1. Completed Application and Headshot

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Most game shows make their application forms available online. Print one out and fill it in completely before you head out for the casting call. This shows that you're prepared, you can read instructions, and you're reliable. Plus, it'll save you some time and stress while you're waiting to be seen. Lots of casting calls also requite a recent photo or headshot, so make sure you have some photos of yourself on hand as well. (Sometimes you'll have photos taken onsite as well, but it doesn't hurt to be extra prepared.)

2. Identification

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Casting call notices will usually spell out exactly what identification you'll need to bring with you. These normally include a valid driver's license or passport or other photo ID that proves you are who you say you are, and that you're a legal resident. If the casting notice doesn't specify, bring along enough identification that you'll have no trouble getting through.

3. Water

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Grab your favorite reusable water bottle and fill it up! The last thing you want to do is get so thirsty your throat becomes dry, because this will affect your voice. Game show people want to see loud, excited contestants. You also don't want to fill up on soda (which causes gas) or coffee (which could give you the jitters). Water is the beverage of choice here.

4. Snacks

Courtesy Getty Images

If it's going to be hours that you're standing in line, you might want to pack something to munch on. Choose your snacks wisely, however. Avoid messy foods, those with too many crumbs, or anything that could leave greasy marks on your clothing. You'll also want to steer clear of foods that tend to get stuck in your teeth, like popcorn.

5. Cell Phone

Courtesy Getty Images

Your cell phone is likely with you all the time anyway, but there are good reasons to have it on hand in this situation. You can use it to call a friend or family member if you've forgotten something or spilled lunch down the front of your best dress shirt. You can store phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the new friends you'll make in line, and with many phones you can also take pictures. And, if you're really bored, you can always play games. Just make sure you turn your phone off when you get to the front of the line.

6. Change of Clothes

Courtesy Getty Images

You're going to be standing or sitting in line for ages, and let's face it, stuff happens. Spills, wrinkles, tears or even sweat stains can ruin a perfectly good outfit. Bring along an emergency change of clothing – one that fits into a small bag – just in case.

7. Mirror

Courtesy Getty Images

Take a small, compact mirror with you so you can make a last-minute face check before the casting people actually see you. Check to make sure you don't have food on your face or stuff stuck in your teeth, and give yourself a practice smile before you go in!

8. Grooming Items

Courtesy Getty Images

Since you've got a mirror with you, you can do a little last-minute fix-up. Depending on your normal grooming routine, you'll want to throw some of the following items into your bag:
  • Hair brush and hair spray
  • Lipstick
  • Makeup
  • Moisturizer
  • Lint brush
These are just some examples – you know better than I do what your must-have freshen-up supplies are! Just go easy on the perfume or cologne if you decide to use it, and make sure it's not in a breakable bottle.

9. Strong Mints

Courtesy Getty Images

The last thing you want to make an impression with is your garlic breath, so have some strong mints on hand. Skip the travel-sized bottles of mouthwash (you're not going to spit it out on the ground, are you?) and definitely pass on the gum. Chewing gum can be obnoxious, and again, you're trying to make a good impression. Mints are your friend – use them.

10. Paperback Book or Magazine

Courtesy Getty Images

You're in line, you're bored, and you want to take your mind off the stress of trying out for a game show. A book or magazine is the perfect solution. I recommend a paperback simply because it's lighter and easier to carry and hold, but if you're a hardcover fan, go for it.
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