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Play 'Wheel of Fortune'



The Wheelmobile

Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment

Teen Registration

Similar to the college-themed episodes of Wheel of Fortune, there are also teen tournaments. Teen applicants must adhere to the eligibility rules and be between the ages of 13 and 18, and currently enrolled in high school.

The application form for teens is similar to the college application in length and information required.

The Wheelmobile

Another way to get on the show is to attend a Wheelmobile event. The Wheelmobile is a large yellow tour bus that goes on the road to hold live auditions in various cities across America. Potential contestants fill out application forms and turn them in, and then wait among hundreds of other hopefuls for their name to be called.

Names are randomly drawn from the pool of applications, and Wheel-style games are played. Contestants are evaluated, and some are short-listed to receive invitations to the auditions in LA. Applicants can also win prizes at these events.

While an official Wheelmobile schedule is not available to the general public, you can sign up to be notified when an event is being held in your area.

The Audition Process

Since Wheel of Fortune receives so many applications, only those who are selected to audition will be contacted. Auditions take place in LA several times a year, and consist of a series of Wheel games where applicants are evaluated by the casting and production staff. After the games are played, there is a timed written test based on missing-letter games. The tests are graded, and some of the hopeful contestants are invited to stay and play another round of games, while others are dismissed. The audition lasts about two to three hours.

Those chosen to become contestants on the show will be contacted by mail, and this process can take a long time! It can take up to 18 months between auditioning and appearing on the show.

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