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Ongoing Casting Calls and Special Casting Events


Ongoing Contestant Applications

These shows are always looking for contestants. Find all the application info you'll need through the following links:



Special Casting Events

Some popular shows have scheduled casting events across the country in search of contestants. New shows, if they've got enough publicity behind them, will also roll out nationwide casting calls.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? -- Millionaire is taking its contestant search on the road! If you want to try out for this quiz show, you can check the dates and times of the tour at the official site. More dates and cities should be added soon.

Jeopardy! Brain Bus -- The Brain Bus is basically a tour bus that travels around the country in search of contestants for the show. At each stop, 1,000 people are given a test, and then mock games are played for prizes. Those who catch the eye of Brain Bus staff (and who have passed the test) are invited to attend auditions in California. For more information, schedules, and to sign up to be notified when the Brain Bus is coming your way, head over to the Jeopardy! website.

The Wheelmobile -- Wheel of Fortune has a similar traveling tour bus to recruit contestants called the Wheelmobile. Instead of a test, potential contestants fill out applications, and then names are randomly drawn to play Wheel-inspired games to win prizes. Some applicants are invited to attend auditions for the show. You can learn all about the Wheelmobile and register to be notified of upcoming events at the Wheel of Fortune website.

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