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Be a Contestant on '1 vs. 100'

Will You Choose the Money or the Mob?


Be a Contestant on '1 vs. 100'

'1 vs. 100' Logo

courtesy NBC

Note: 1 vs. 100 is no longer airing, and therefore not accepting contestant applications. The information contained in this article is for reference purposes only.

1 vs. 100 pits a single contestant against a mob of 100. If you think you can outsmart 100 other people at general knowledge, multiple-choice trivia, then this might just be your ticket to a million dollars!

The Application

The application form for 1 vs. 100 can be found at the NBC.com casting page. The form requires Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free. Print off the form and fill it out completely, using dark colored ink and only writing on the printed side of the page. You can add extra sheets of blank paper to the form if you need more space.


The eligibility requirements for the show are clearly stated in the application form, so please take some time and read them carefully. Note the age requirement is a bit different for 1 vs. 100 than for other shows. Here is a brief overview:

  • Contestants must be 9 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States

  • You, any member of your immediate family, or anyone living in your household must not be employed by the show, the network, or any other company involved with 1 vs. 100

  • You must not be running for public office, and you must agree not to run for public office for one full year after the date the show you are on is broadcast

  • You must not have already been a contestant on 1 vs. 100

  • You must be willing to sign all of the releases and waivers required to appear on the program

What You Need to Send

The application package for 1 vs. 100 must include:

  • Completed and signed application form

  • Signed and dated Name a Likeness Release and Transfer of Rights (included in the application download)

  • Recent, labeled photographs of you and your supporters -- preferably two of each person, one headshot and one full body shot

  • A 5-minute video tape of you and your supporters

The Video

Along with your application form and photos, you'll have to create a 5-minute video of yourself, including the supporters you want to have with you on the show. The tape must be in VHS or miniDV format. Start the video off by stating your name and home town, and then tell them what you would do with a million dollars if you won it on the show.

After that, the content of the video tape is up to you! Showcase your enthusiasm, any interesting things about you, your job, or your hobbies, and make sure you portray yourself accurately. As the casting page says, there is no right or wrong way to do this. Just be yourself!

Make sure your completed video tape is rewound, and labeled clearly.

Where to Send It

Once you've got your application package ready to go, send it off to:

1 vs. 100
P.O. Box 1995
Culver City , CA 90232

Then get ready to be called in to face the mob! Good luck!

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