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Be a Game Show Contestant

Learn how and where to apply to become a game show contestant. If you dream of winning cash and prizes on game shows, learn the basics of the application process and get details on how to become a contestant on the most popular shows.
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  2. Inactive Contestant Calls (17)

Game Show Casting Calls
Get your casting calls here! Current and ongoing game show casting events, regularly updated.

Game Show Contestant Experiences
Game show contestants share what it's like to be on a game show, how they applied, and what preparations they took before appearing.

Casting for Game Shows Where to Find Calls
Casting for game show contestants is an ongoing process, with casting notices being posted all the time. Here's how to find these calls, and where to send your applications.

Want to Be a Game Show Contestant?
Your one-stop list of links to help get you on a game show for the chance to win cash and prizes!

Apply to Be a Game Show Contestant
Game show application tips to make sure that your submission is the best it can be, to get the attention of casting staff.

Be a Contestant on 'Minute to Win It'
How to be a contestant and play 'Minute to Win It' for the chance to win $1,000,000.

Top Reasons to Be a Game Show Contestant
Top reasons to be a game show contestant! Win money, meet celebrities, test your skills, and more.

Why Do You Want to Play Game Shows - Reasons for Becoming a Game Show…
Readers share their top reasons for wanting to be a game show contestant. Is it really all about winning cash, or are there other reasons to play?

Be a Contestant on 'Family Feud'
How to become a contestant on the long-running game show Family Feud, hosted by John O'Hurley.

Can the Average Person Still Become a Game Show Contestant?
With the trend towards exceptional contestants, is it still possible for the average person to be a contestant on popular game shows? Will your chances of being cast on your favorite game show be less if your life is unremarkable?

Be a Contestant on 'Let's Make a Deal'
How to be a contestant on the new 'Let's Make a Deal' which tapes in Las Vegas.

Be a Contestant on 'The Price is Right'
'The Price is Right' draws its contestants from the live studio audience. If you've ever wanted to play "Plinko" or spin the big wheel, here's what you need to know to become a contestant on this popular game show.

Be a Contestant on 'Wheel of Fortune'
The 'Wheel of Fortune' application process, including various ways to apply, what to expect during the audition, and where to find the 'Wheelmobile.'

Be a Contestant on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'
Want to be a contestant on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' The audition process is explained here.

Be a Contestant on 'Jeopardy!'
Ever wanted to be a contestant on 'Jeopardy?' Here's some help in navigating the application and audition process for the popular quiz show.

10 Things to Take to a Game Show Casting Call
Getting ready to attend an open casting call? Here's what you need to pack in your bag.

Be a Contestant on 'Wipeout'
Want to be a 'Wipeout' contestant? Here's all the information you need on 'Wipeout' casting, the application, and more.

How to Choose a Photo for Your Game Show Application
When a game show application requires an accompanying photo, it can be tough to choose the right one. Here's help!

5 Easy Ways to Study For a Game Show
Five quick ways to brush up on your trivia in preparation for competing on a game show.

Game Show Casting: How to Stand Out
Get advice on how to stand out during a game show casting call of audition from Jason Luna, 1 vs. 100 million dollar winner.

The Myth of Instant Game Show Millions
Appearing on a game show can be a lot like buying a lottery ticket. Read this before assuming you'll become the next game show millionaire.

Splatalot Casting
Kids' game show Splatalot casts in Canada, the United Kingdon, and Australia. Here's where to find casting calls.

What NOT to Do at a Game Show Audition
Learn what to avoid during your game show audition.

The Most Common Game Show Application Mistakes
These application mistakes could cost you a contestant spot on the game show you're applying for. Don't make them!

6 Signs a Game Show Casting Call is Fake
Game show casting scams aren't all that common, but they do happen. Here's what to look for to find out if that casting call is legit or not.

Be a Contestant on Guy's Grocery Games
If you're a chef, caterer, or just a great cook, you can apply to be a contestant on Guy's Grocery Games.

Be a Contestant on Cutthroat Kitchen
If you're a chef with a penchant for sabotage, here's how you can win up to $25,000 for your efforts.

Conquer Your Game Show Contestant Nervousness
You should be focusing on battling the game and fellow contestants, not your nerves! Here are great tips from some game show pros.

Do I Need to Pay Taxes on Game Show Winnings?
Congratulations, you've won cash and prizes on a game show! Now it's time to pay the tax man.

American Game Shows Canadians Can Play
Canadians can play as contestants on these two popular American game shows.

41 Quick Tips for Game Show Contestant Auditions
No time to read up before your audition? Check out these quick tips to ensure you're prepared for success.

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