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November Game Show Birthdays


Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel was born on November 29, 1955

Courtesy NBC

The following game show personalities were born during the month of November.

November 3

Dennis Miller, 1954 - Miller hosted GSN's Grand Slam and NBC's Amne$ia.

November 4

Jeff Probst, 1962 - Probst was the host of Rock & Roll Jeopardy on VH1.

Rachel Reynolds, 1982 - Reynolds is a model on The Price is Right.

November 7

Christopher Knight, 1957 - Knight is famous for his role on The Brady Bunch, but he also hosted the daytime game show Trivial Pursuit: America Plays.

November 9

Chris Jericho, 1970 - Professional wrestler Chris Jericho is the host of Downfall.

Nick Lachey, 1973 - Singer Nick Lachey hosts The Winner Is on NBC.

Jim Perry, 1933 - Canadian-born Jim Perry hosted Definition and Headline Hunters in Canada, as well as Sale of the Century and Card Sharks in the U.S., among other shows.

November 11

Marc Summers, 1951 - Summers hosted the Nickelodeon kids' game show Double Dare and GSN's WinTuition, and has been a celebrity panelist on many other shows.

November 13

Jack Narz, 1922 - Narz hosted a slew of game shows including the ill-fated Dotto, and the successful I'll Bet, Beat the Clock, and Concentration.

November 20

Richard Dawson, 1932 - Dawson was the original host of Family Feud, and served as a long-time panelist on Match Game in the 1970s.

Pat Kiernan, 1968 - Kiernan was the host of Studio 7 and The World Series of Pop Culture, as well as the questioner on Grand Slam.

November 23

Chris Hardwick, 1971 - Hardwick hosted MTV's Singled Out.

November 25

Jack Clark, 1925 - Jack Clark hosted several game shows including The Cross-Wits, but he is best known as an announcer, having worked on shows such as Password and Wheel of Fortune.

Ben Stein, 1944 - Ben Stein hosted the Emmy Award winning game show Win Ben Stein's Money from 1997 to 2003.

November 29

Howie Mandel, 1955 - Canadian Howie Mandel hosted Deal or No Deal in prime time and in syndication.

November 30

Dick Clark, 1929 - Dick Clark has hosted a wide variety of television shows, including five versions of Password.

Dian Parkinson, 1944 - Parkinson was a model on The Price is Right from 1975 to 1993.

Rich Fields, 1960 - Rich Fields is best known as the third full-time announcer on The Price is Right. He has the distinction of being the only regular announcer to work with both Bob Barker and Drew Carey.

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