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Big Brother 14 Houseguests


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Big Brother 14 Welcomes 12 New Houseguests and 4 Returning Players
Julie Chen
Courtesy CBS

Summer time means a few things: heat, sunshine, barbecues, vacations, sun screen, and of course summer's guilty pleasure, Big Brother. Season 14 of the popular game that locks contestants in a house for the summer has set a premiere date of July 12th, 2012.

In the weeks leading up to the season premiere fans always have lots to look forward to. From potential spoilers to pictures from the newly-decorated house, these weeks are usually a frenzy of activity. Before we get into the tension, drama, and competitions though, we get to meet the new cast.

This season boasts the largest cast that has ever been assembled for the game of Big Brother. Hopefully that also means that many of them will be likeable, since we can all remember hoardes of houseguests who have been despised. Before we meet the first 12 houseguests who will compete for the $500,000 top prize, let's take a look at the first game twist.

As announced on the official CBS website, four players who we've seen from past seasons will be returning to the house this season, making the total houseguest head count a whopping 16 people.

Of course there are a lot of rumors and spoilers out there naming at least some of the returning contestants, and I won't spoil the fun here. If you're interested, however, check out Big Brother Spoilers for the latest. The main rumor though is that these four returnees will be acting as "coaches" and will choose teams from the 12 new houseguests.

No matter how you feel about having more returning houseguests and the twists this season, it's time to meet the fresh faces who will make up the new contestants for the summer. It's a good assortment of personalities, but never fear - the lineup of beach bunnies who will look good in a bikini are present, as always. Without further ado, here are your Big Brother 14 house guests.

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