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Jason Luna Bio - Jason Luna Million Dollar Winner on 1 vs 100
A brief biography of Jason Luna, the one and only million dollar winner on game show 1 vs. 100.
Million Dollar Winner Jason Luna - Game Shows - About.com
Jason Luna, million dollar winner on '1 vs 100,' tells us what it's like to win a million, how he got there, and what he's done with the money. Jason Luna shares  ...
Interview With Jason Luna Million Dollar Winner on 1 vs 100 - Jason ...
Jan 10, 2008 ... Jason Luna appeared on the season two premiere of 1 vs. 100, in a special " Battle of the Sexes" episode. Following a female contestant who ...
Jason Luna Wins a Million on '1 vs 100' - Game Shows - About.com
Jason Luna became the first and only contestant to win a million dollars on 1 vs 100.
1 vs 100 Explained - Game Shows - About.com
1 vs 100 had only one million dollar winner: Jason Luna. Luna faced an entirely female mob, and struggled early on in his game. He forged ahead though, and ...
How to Stand Out at a Game Show Audition
Jason Luna is the only contestant from 1 vs. 100 to win the million dollar prize. Here, he shares his thoughts on the game show casting process and offers tips for ...
Millionaire's Row 2008 - Million Dollar Game Show Winners Images
A gallery of game show contestants who won a million dollars or more in 2008, including Jason Luna from 1 vs 100, Jessica Robinson from Deal or No Deal, ...
Top Ten Moments in Game Shows of the 2000s
Self-professed loser Jason Luna knocked out the remaining fifteen people in the Mob of 100 women by knowing that Christmas is the holiday on which most ...
Jessica Robinson Wins a Million Dollars on Deal or No Deal - Deal ...
Jason Luna Speaks! What it's Like to Win $1,000,000. Jessica Robinson's Million Dollar Night · Adam Rose Wins a Million on The Price is Right · How to Get ...
How to Handle Nerves as a Game Show Contestant - Game Shows
Jason Luna, who was the only contestant to bank the million dollars on 1 vs. 100, adds, “Focus on the tasks at hand, answering questions, whatever it may be, ...
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